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You Are What You Do: Kevin Brown is an Ironman

By Kim Dunbar

Bill Beers & Kevin Brown

Bill Beers & Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown is nuts.  He’s completed eight Ironman triathlons and is currently training for his ninth this fall.

“I knew a friend who was doing an Ironman and asked him if he thought I could do it, too,” Brown said.  “After my first one I was hooked.”

In April 2007, Brown completed his first full Ironman triathlon ~ 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run ~ and hasn’t looked back since. In fact, the 50-year-old West Boylston resident decided to tackle something even crazier ~ completing six in one year.

“I finished all six within 11 months,” he said. “That had never been done before.”

But Brown isn’t just a fitness nut ~  he’s also just crazy about helping people.  Through those six triathlons, he managed to raise over $100,000 for charity and two years ago started a t-shirt and apparel company in order to continue his good work.  Brown’s brainchild, Life is Nutz, is a Profit for Charity organization which helps support seven small non-profit organizations in need of both money and exposure.

“It’s a different vehicle to raise money rather than just asking people for money,” he said.

Right now, Brown’s attention is focused on training for his ninth Ironman. With the help of two trainers ~ childhood friend and USAT Coach/Trainer Joe Turcotte and  Ironman Pro Swen Sundberg ~ he is embarking on what he calls a “30 week vacation and starting a new job called training.”

“It’s not difficult but there is a lot of sacrifice,” said Brown. “My family definitely takes a back seat and everything I do, including work, become centered around my training schedule.”

While Brown is a seasoned tri-athlete, the preparation is no walk in the park.  He recommends training for 30 weeks, plus 15 weeks of base time to build endurance if you are a novice tri-athlete, and suggests kicking it into gear a solid 20 weeks before the race if you are someone who trains year round.

As for his diet, that’s also strict: “It’s pretty much a Whole Foods diet,” Brown said, meaning his meals are 95-100% organic and include lots of fruits and veggies, salads, chicken, fish and some red meat.  “Minimal gluten, no breads or pastas for me,” he added.

Brown is hoping his hard will pay off, for both him and his company.  He may be nuts, but he sure does have a big heart.

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