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Worcester poet and humorist captures everyday life in his musings

Joe FuscoBy Paul Collins

Comedy and poetry make strange bedfellows; comedy thrives on big nights out and the roar of the crowd while poetry prefers solitude and the soft rush of a waterfall. Yet Worcester resident, Joe Fusco Jr., is a bit of an “everyman” who has managed to merge a love of humorous commentaries with his talent for writing poetry to create a compelling collection of musings.

In large measure because of his local poetry readings, this homegrown humorist and author has been well known across the Worcester community for many years. Three-Score: Poems & Essays is his second and latest book that, according to Fusco, is “a collection of short essays and poems, mostly humorous, that capture my slant on the persons and events in my life as I approached 60.” The book’s title takes its lead from the Abraham Lincoln’s historic Gettysburg Address.

Graduating from Boston University in 1976 with a bachelor of science in journalism, Fusco worked as an advertising copywriter until, he said, “I reluctantly followed my father’s large footprints into the grocery business.” He worked as a buyer for Goretti’s Supermarkets in Millbury.

“I write because I enjoy the process and have been told that my stuff is amusing,” Fusco said. Across the years, the poet, who possesses a keen sense of humor, seems to have shifted gears from pure poetry to include storytelling.

41m7ou8iX8LSo what is the grist for the storyteller’s mill? Fusco candidly said, “My family, friends, everyday events and vacations are all fodder for my musings. Anything and everyone is fair game.”

From underneath his wit, his love of his family comes through loud and clear as he speaks of his daughter, Samantha. “I’d like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of my editor/daughter Samantha Fusco, without whom Three-Score would still be on a yellow pad.”

Like any author in the Amazon age, Fusco keeps a close tally on how his book is selling. To this end, he offers a status update: “I’ve sold eight copies of Three-Score on and 44 at book signings in two months. I’d like to sell 100, then hit the talk shows!”

The funnyman’s local roots in the community run very deep. “I read my stuff at various venues in Central Massachusetts (and, in my mind, Belgium) and enjoy making an audience smile and/or grimace.”

In other words, Fusco said, “I offer a light-hearted distraction from the toils of everyday strife.”

Three-Score: Poems & Essays can be purchased on both and

Paul Collins is a freelance writer from Southborough.

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