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UbU Clothing Company ~ Pack Your Personality!

By Erin Hansen

It’s the new year, and if one of your resolutions is to travel more, have we got a treat for you! We all know that one of the most frustrating parts of preparing for a trip is packing ~ attempting to fit everything we [think] we need into the suitcase while trying to ensure minimal wrinkling (a nearly impossible task no matter what the season). I’ll be the first to admit that while on vacation I usually wind up looking like I slept in my clothes because A) I refuse to purchase clothing made of hideous wrinkle-free material and B) I also refuse to spend precious vacation time ironing. I would have stayed home if I wanted to do chores. Imagine my joy, then, when I discovered UbU Clothing Company.

The brains behind UbU, Alan Blau and David Koral, have created an entire clothing line ~ from dresses to vests to jackets to skirts to blouses to sweaters and even accessories (think scarves and totes) ~ that are stylish (much more unique than your standard mall fare), incredibly lightweight, and yes, 100% wrinkle free. 100%. All these gorgeous items ~ there are solids and prints ~ can be crumpled into the tiniest of balls, shoved into the recesses of your suitcase, and pulled out looking absolutely as fresh as if they’d been on hangers the entire time. If you put on a UbU outfit for the plane or car ride to your vacation destination, you’ll be incredibly comfortable and will arrive looking, as they say, fresh as a daisy (and get this ~ UbU even makes a “pillow jacket” that folds into a bag and turns into a deliciously soft pillow ~ perfect for a long flight or drive ~ relax your head on it then wear it out to dinner!). And not only are all the pieces in the collection gloriously light, they are water repellant as well ~ so if you’re caught in a downpour, just let the water literally roll off your back! Alan and David go one step further in the ease-of-packing department, too: many of their jackets and vests are reversible, meaning that you get two items for the suitcase space of one (and the prices are reasonable to begin with ~ factor in that each price is really for two items, and you too will have the urge to do a happy dance).

One look at the company’s website banished all thought of the god-awful styles I’d once associated with the term “wrinkle –free” ~ these are boutique items. So combine an extensive collection of wonderful, unique designs that allow you to express your personality, feather-light, water-repellant, washable fabric, great pricing, and ~ as an added benefit ~ a company that is heavily involved in charitable organizations like the SPCA, United Way, Special Olympics, the American Heart Association and more, and what do you have? A darn good reason to start planning that next trip!

To find out more about UbU Clothing Company and its founders, to view the collections, and to place an order, visit You can also find UbU fashions locally at Peggy’s Place, 1 Grafton Common, Grafton.

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