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Turn Your Clothes into Cash

How can you make extra money for some wardrobe updates of your own?

You could lug your old things to a vintage shop or list them on eBay – and then deal with auctions, shipping and haggling. Then, head out to buy cheap, trendy items at the mall that only last you for three months.

Or you could use a new crop of startups that actually put your clothes and accessories to work.

Whether you want to use your clothes to make memories, sell the things you don’t need or grab a new treasure, these sites are worth checking out.

Make your Prada pay
Have a pricey (or not-so-pricey) gown or cocktail dress that you’ve only worn twice? StyleLend lets you easily make money from the pretty things in your closet by renting them out – and that Prada dress is fully insured.

You said “Yes!” Then, “Never mind!”
Did you accept a marriage proposal and then catch him with Betty Sue in accounting? I Do Now I Don’t let’s you sell your accessories – including that big diamond ring.

Facebook meets Etsy
Wallapop is a mobile pop-up shop that lets you sell your clothes in less than five minutes. How? By connecting with your Facebook profile, snapping a picture and using geo-locating technology. Or you can use the site to find treasures hiding in your fashionable neighbor’s garage.

How to make an American quilt
Project Repat will take your old T-shirts that are too tight and worn out and make a brand-new quilt for $79.

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