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Tie One on at The Tie Bar!

By Rick Garner

New York Fashion Week has set the tone for the fashion industry, showing a variety of trends such as architectural and asymmetrical shapes, tribal prints, nautical colors and the color white. However, many of us may find the fashions a little out of our price range ~ which is why The Tie Bar, an online retailer of $15 silk ties, offers the same trendy ties from Fashion Week for only $15. This way, everyone can sport high fashion trends without the high fashion budget.

Greg Shugar, Lead Designer and CEO of The Tie Bar, is a neckwear expert with his finger on the pulse of new industry trends. “Men have started shopping outside their comfort zone and we expect Fall 2009 to start showing more and more florals, ranging from traditional florals and brocades to modern botanicals and organics,” says Shugar. “The top color trend which men have seemed to warm up to is chocolate brown, a classic color that translates into all season and personal styles. We expect to see a lot more of it show in the Fall.”

Thanks to The Tie Bar, consumers can afford the looks seen on the runways. Shugar created The Tie Bar to offer men an affordable option for stylishly updating their professional and personal wardrobe.

“In this economy consumers are looking for ways to get the top looks for less,” says Shugar. “The Tie Bar brings customers the latest Fashion Week looks at a fabulous price without compromising quality.”

Head to to choose your tie!

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