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Thymes Mandarin Coriander Products

home-thymes-mandarin-coria-copyA Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home

By Lynn N. Capri

Experience Thymes’ unique blend of cold-pressed mandarin oil, just-peeled orange essence and signature coriander and breathe life into your home this spring. From aromatic candles and gentle hand care to delicately scented cleaning products, the Thymes Mandarin Coriander Collection infuses your home with freshness and an irresistible fragrance.

The product line includes:

· Poured Aromatic Candle ($26): Enjoy up to 60 hours of room-filling fragrance with this instantly relaxing home scent.

· Reed Diffuser ($24): Elegant bamboo reeds absorb the crisp, clean scented oil, then release the distinctive Mandarin Coriander fragrance into the room

· Hand Wash ($12): Made with parsley extract and vegetable protein powder, this hand wash works double duty washing away germs and moisturizing busy hands.

· Hand Lotion ($14): This light, non-greasy formula envelops you in fresh, light Mandarin Coriander while smoothing rough spots with aloe, lemon balm extract, and shea butter.

· All Purpose Cleaner ($10): Relax as you clean with the soothing scent of Mandarin Coriander. Infused with orange and lemon essential oils, this biodegradable cleansing agent is safe on all non-glass surfaces.

· Dishwashing Liquid ($10): Fortified with comfrey extract to soothe and lemon balm to tone, it’s goodbye for good to dishpan hands.

· Sink Set with Caddy ($32): Mandarin Coriander Hand Wash and Hand Lotion are conveniently paired in this elegant stainless steel sink-side caddy. These gentle, caring hand products will revive and restore hands.

· Home Fragrance Mist ($16): Create a sanctuary of scent throughout your home, office and car with the fresh scent of Mandarin Coriander Home Fragrance Mist.

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