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Thread Tradition ~ Where Men Can Dress for Success

By Christine R. Walsh

Fashion expert and savvy entrepreneur Jack Reyer recently celebrated the launch of Thread Tradition, the Blank Label Group start-up company of which he’s president.  Thread Tradition’s goal is to bring a custom-tailored touch to online shopping.

“We’re an online clothing company specializing currently in men’s dress shirts,” Reyer explains.  “The general idea of men’s custom dress shirts stems from the tradition of a trip to the local tailor where your measurements are taken and then a handmade garment is specifically crafted for each individual person.“

The issue with this tradition is that it’s too time-consuming, says Reyer.  You need to travel to the tailor’s shop, typically during business hours, which can be inconvenient, and then you have to wait about six weeks to receive the finished product.  Thread Tradition is simplifying the process by taking it to the internet for the ultimate in customer ease and satisfaction.

style-lead-men-thread-trad-copy1“Go to the site, look at the nine shirts we have available,” says Reyer. “Choose a shirt you like and then enter your seven measuring points in order to make the shirt a true fit.  On the features tab, you get to choose the collar that you want, pick your cuffs, choose a monogram.  Then go through our secure check-out and a handmade, custom-fitted shirt will be sent to you in about 10 – 15 business days.”

But the fashion finesse doesn’t stop there. In each man’s life, there are a handful of truly momentous events ~ a son’s wedding, a daughter’s graduation, renewal of your marriage vows.  For those special days, Thread Tradition offers personalized labels for each shirt so that men can have their name printed on the label, along with the date the shirt was made.  Imagine quickly flipping through your selection of shirts, having a dated label catch your eye, and instantly being taken back to walking your little girl down the aisle.

In order to get the perfect fit, Reyer gives his customers a number of options.  You can enter your measurements through the site or send a favorite shirt into Thread Tradition so that the measurements can be replicated.  Reyer can also come to your office and take your measurements at your convenience.  Free returns and free alterations are two other perks the company offers.

Reyer reports that his customers range in age from 25 – 75 and noted that regardless of age, “…just about all men like the double barrel cuff…the two button cuff.

Looking ahead, Thread Tradition might expand their horizons to include women’s custom-fitted shirts or men’s suit jackets.   But for right now, Jack Reyer is happy with flying around the country, taking measurements, and providing men with the best shirts they’ve ever owned.  Just don’t tell anyone that Reyer admits to lounging around in a simple white t-shirt from time to time.

To get a shirt that’s custom made for you, go to

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