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The SONA Pillow ~ For When Snoring Stops Being Funny and Starts Being Serious

By Lynn N. Capri

When you got married, you vowed to stay with each other through better or worse. But that promise shouldn’t have to include sleepless nights because one of you snores.

As we age, we are more pre-disposed to snoring as age affects muscle tone.  With six out of ten adults confessing that they snore, and 2/3 complaining their partner snores (according to the National Sleep Foundation), the FDA cleared SONA Pillow® ( is the first clinically proven “anti-snore” pillow that will give you and your spouse the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep. dscn0177-1

It is estimated that between 12 and 20 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea to some degree. Snoring is embarrassing and disrupts the sleep of loved ones, many of whom choose to sleep separately from their partner. This can cause immense strain on a relationship. For many, drug store “cures” just don’t do the trick.  Fortunately, today a good night’s sleep is no longer a dream ~ thanks to the SONA Pillow.

Snoring disturbs sleeping patterns and deprives the snorer ~ and his/her partner ~ of appropriate rest. When snoring is severe, it can cause serious, long-term health problems, including obstructive sleep apnea. Multiple studies reveal a positive correlation between loud snoring and risk of heart attack (about +34% chance) and stroke (about +67% chance).

The SONA Pillow is an effective treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.  In a medical study, researchers observed an average decrease from 17 snoring episodes an hour to less than five.

lifestyle-home-soma-pillowThe SONA Pillow’s unique design reduces episodes by promoting side sleeping, a position that alleviates snoring episodes.  The triangular pillow has arm openings so that the user can position their head on their arms, keeping the head inclined to prevent jaw movement and clear breathing passageways. It is the only pillow on the market cleared by the FDA as a medical device.

When used properly, the SONA Pillow can decrease snoring and improve sleep from the first night. But the improvement will continue as the pillow conforms to the body’s shape and as the body adapts to the inclined sleep system.

The SONA Pillow, which includes a pillowcase with purchase, is made of high grade cotton and filled with exclusive Sofloft™ Fiber Fill.  It is available at, BJs Wholesale Clubs, and Bon Ton Stores around Massachusetts.

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