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The Situp – Perfected!

Work All Your Abs with the Perfect Situp

b4a165c4298e0472c7983f23d1-copyPerfect Fitness, known for their innovative fitness solutions, has revolutionized abdominal exercise with the Perfect Situp The Perfect Situp’s proprietary design provides comfort, adjustable resistance and audible feedback, helping  take the strain and guesswork out of ab workouts. While it’s perfect for serious athletes and fitness buffs, it’s also designed to help those of us who simply want to keep a strong core by strengthening our abs in the privacy of our homes, on our own schedules.

“We analyzed the sit up and crunch and found that they fell short of delivering an ideal abdominal exercise.  Both have their problems,” said Perfect Fitness CEO Alden Mills. “The Perfect Situp helps to eliminate lower back and neck strain, and ensures proper form.  It represents everything we’ve learned to provide the absolute best results from an abdominal exercise.”

By combining the upper ab crunch with the lower ab leg lift, the Perfect Situp provides a “one-two punch” that engages all four sets of abdominal muscles with every movement.  Adjustable back and leg blades provide just enough resistance to challenge beginners through advanced users.  A comfortable neck support reduces neck strain, while the back is cradled in a thick gym-quality foam pad.  There are no pressure points, nothing that would create additional pain for individuals with arthritis.

Traditional sit ups and crunches leave you wondering, “How far do I need to go up?”  With the Perfect Situp, an audible “coach” clicks with each properly performed movement; so there’s no wasted effort, just muscle toning, ab tightening movements.

The Perfect Situp is available online and at major sporting goods stores and other fine retailers for $99.  It comes complete with adjustable headrest, resistance blades, gym quality foam pad, cardio workout, reduced calorie meal plan, and workout chart.

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