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The ScrambleScoop Golf Ball Retriever Allows for Quick Pick-Up On-The-Go

By Rick Garner

It is being called the first-ever “drive-by” golf ball retriever. The ScrambleScoop allows any golfer to easily scoop up grounded golf balls while in a moving cart ~ without bending, leaning or  stretching. Originally designed for use in golf scrambles or “best ball” games, the ScrambleScoop is proving popular for any golf outing.

Scamble Scoop


How Does ScrambleScoop Work?

The ScrambleScoop was designed with perfectly angled edges that guide the ball right into the almost 7 inch net. The golfer begins by simply extending the telescopic shaft of the ScrambleScoop to the desired length. While the cart is moving, reach out the scoop to drag along the grass a few feet behind the golf ball. As the scoop reaches the ball, the uniquely angled  edges actually guide the ball to hop effortlessly into the small mesh basket to be easily removed for use on the next shot. The ScrambleScoop can be used from either side of the cart simply by inverting the mesh net on the scoop.

For many people, young and aging alike, bending over can be difficult. The ScrambleScoop reduces back, hip and knee strain caused by bending and squatting. The ScrambleScoop sports an aluminum rustproof shaft and comfortable grip, is lightweight yet durable and can easily be stored in a golf bag. When compacted, it is small enough to keep in the front compartment of the golf cart for easy accessibility during play.

ScrambleScoop inventor Betty Bucher created the product to find a solution to a problem that many golfers experience. “I’ve played many golf scramble games and when I leaned from the cart and nearly fell out trying to pick up the ball, I knew there had to be a better way,” she says.

The ScrambleScoop is also effective in speeding up golf play. It used to be time consuming and exhausting to keep stopping the cart to pick up the balls. Not anymore.

The patented product is also proving handy for picking up things in the yard or in the house.

The ScrambleScoop sells for $19.95 and is available at

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