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The scent of classic rock nostalgia is in the wind

By Paul Collins

Good classic rock cover bands are few and far between. That being said, the run-of-the-mill dance and party cover bands are definitely out there in force. That’s not a bad thing at all, as dancing is what attracts the crowds to area bars and restaurants. But if you’re looking for a classic rock cover band that put its heart and soul into songs by music icons from the ’60s and ’70s, check out Windfall.

WindfallOver time, the Worcester-based band has developed a loyal following and plays most of its shows in various towns and cities across Worcester County. Windfall is comprised of six members who are family members and lifelong friends and who all grew up in locally, with the lone exception of Bob Stickle, the band’s lead guitarist who moved to the Worcester area from Long Island two years ago. Michael Agby is on drums, Rick Feeley plays bass, Richard LaPearl plays guitar and guitar synthesizer, and last ~ but certainly not least ~ is the father/daughter duo of John and Angela Morello. Angela is Windfall’s lead singer, and John plays guitar and shares the singing duties.

Asked who the band’s major musical influences were, John Morello said, “Led Zeppelin, the Stones, the Beatles, Three Dog Night and Grand Funk. I was always influenced by great singers.”

On how the band chose its name, Morello said, “The band, Mountain, with Leslie West; the record label was Windfall, and we thought it was a great name.”

What is clear from speaking with John and Angela is that there is a passion for classic rock music that burns brightly in all of the band’s members, and although the intoxicating allure of music and performing was always whispering in their collective ear, they set their musical dreams aside for a time to pursue other careers and raise families.

Windfall guitaristAngela Morello was literally born into the business and said, “I grew up with my dad and his friends practicing in the basement when they were a wedding band, and even before that, they were playing ~ when they were younger than I am now.”

The father/daughter bonding that the band offers to both Morellos comes through in Angela. “It’s great to be able to stay connected with my parents. I love spending time with them, and I really love to see my dad having the time of his life; it makes me smile,” she said. “As far as the boys in the band, it’s like having five dads. I grew up with most of them, so there’s no lack of comfort with the band.”

The ’60s are now long gone, but certainly not forgotten by the band Windfall. It is one of the area’s most in-demand classic rock bands, and Windfall wows crowds wherever it appears. The bandmates put on a great show because, for this band, the work is indeed a labor of love.

Among the wide range of local venues where Windfall can be seen are Sakura Tokyo in Worcester, JJ’s Sports Bar in Northborough, Firefly’s in Marlborough and the Route 56 Roadside Bar and Grille in North Oxford. So if you like to get out there on the dance floor and you love the sounds that carry you back to the golden days when life was more fun, be sure to catch Windfall.

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Paul Collins is a freelance writer from Southborough.

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