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The Pure Green People’s Natural Skincare

By Elise French

style-and-beauty-green-people-2Green People was first developed to provide natural and organic personal care products (NEVER tested on animals!) that have none of the drawbacks of similar products currently on the market; their primary goal is to deliver superior quality ingredients to skin in the most effective, fastest, and healthiest way possible. To this end, Green People’s products (almost all of which are 100% vegan) are formulated with natural, active botanicals (organic and fair trade compliant) to give enhanced overall texture and consistency and a perfectly balanced oil and moisture content, and to absorb rapidly into the skin.  Green People uses none of the toxic ingredients ~ like paraben, ureas, chelators, petroleum-based sulfates, phthalates and many more ~ so common in other skin products. And even with all these benefits, the products remain very affordable.

I had the opportunity to try some of The Pure. line of products and was very impressed with the results ~ and loved that they have no added fragrances.

Botanical Skin Care: From the Botanical Skin Care collection, I selected the Botanical Eye Cream (99% natural) ~ it is so light and so silky that it was a joy to use, and the skin underneath and on the side of my eyes, usually very dry and lined, was noticeably softer and more hydrated after only two nights of using the cream.  The key ingredients are chamomile flower extract, aloe vera extracts, cucumber extract, and green tea extract.

Still focusing on my undereye area, but also using product on the rest of my face, I chose the Plant Bio-Active Serum with Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly and Honey (98% natural).  Full of antioxidants and softening/toning/smoothing properties, the serum definitely improved the overall look of my face, evening out the skin tone and making my skin noticeably softer to the touch. The key ingredients are: organic bee propolis, royal jelly, honey, organic aloe vera, organic green tea, organic gotu kola, organic dandelion, vitamin A and vitamin E.

Vitamin C Skin Care: From the Vitamin C Skin Care line, I used the Vitamin C Facial Moisturizer (97% natural).  Like the botanical cream, it is very lightweight and has wonderful moisturizing properties. I applied the moisturizer daily, after washing my face and before applying any makeup, and within a week my skin was softer, age spots were less noticeable, and my skin had a glow that it hasn’t had in years.  The key ingredients are vitamin C, organic aloe vera, organic green tea, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, shea butter, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin

I also used the Vitamin C Foaming Facial Scrub with Hibiscus Petals (92% Natural) and had no idea what to expect, since the product is sugar-based.  It turns out that the combination of the sugar and the active vitamin C that is released when you begin to gently scrub your face gently exfoliate dead skin cells and wash away any pore-clogging debris.  Best of all, there is no stinging or sensation of rubbing sandpaper across your face.  The key ingredients are vitamin C, jojoba beads, hibiscus petals, organic aloe vera, organic rosemary, organic calendula, organic lavender, blends of fruit extracts, tea tree oil, olive oile, and vitamins E and A.

In addition to many more products in both the Botanical and Vitamin C lines, there is also an Advanced Skin Care line, a Men’s Line, and on-the-go travel combo packages available.

Definitely give Green People a try; their natural products don’t rely on chemicals and toxins and do what they claim to and their production practices are ethical and earth/human/animal friendly.

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