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The Luxe List: Health Food Finds 

Ready for a reboot? Below are some wellness boosters you might consider embracing to enhance your grocery game and ensure your energy stays elevated through those workouts.

Bio Coffee
I’ve found a noteworthy health-promoting beverage item called Bio Coffee, which is the only alkaline coffee on the market. The company actually calls it “The healthiest coffee in the world” because there are three to five servings of green vegetables in just one cup! Not only is this coffee an excellent source of fiber and a great prebiotic and probiotic, it also provides key nutrients like chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Bio Coffee’s key ingredient is wheatgrass, which is one of nature’s super foods, and it contains digestive aids that can help those with gastrointestinal issues and generally help eliminate waste from the body. This coffee is also unique in that it aids in alkalizing the body and preventing acidity. It comes in easy and convenient sachets that allow you to just add water and enjoy. In fact, you can partake in the company’s 12-Day Challenge: Drink at least one cup a day for 12 days in a row to realize significant improvements to your digestive system and body in general. $20, biocoffee.com.

What do Beyoncé, Miranda Kerr, Elton John, Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Kelly Ripa, Janet Jackson and Ray Kurzweil all have in common? They’ve all gone on the record to say that they drink alkaline water. Alkaline water is also my own go-to. Many athletes, celebrities and regular health-minded folks are attracted to the benefits of an alkaline diet, since a balanced body pH results in greater energy, more restful sleep, improved digestion and fewer colds, according to some medical authorities. The Alkaline Water Company, Inc. has developed Alkaline88 for the convenience-driven alkaline water drinker. Enhanced with 84 trace Himalayan minerals and electrolytes, Alkaline88 is premier alkaline water that achieves its 8.8 pH level through a state-of-the-art, completely chemical-free process. Prices vary, alkaline88.com.

BioTerra Herbs Energy & Detox Supplements
Be prepared to be active with BioTerra Herbs “boing” Energy Supplement, which is a great product to fuel all of those fall activities like traveling, excursions, extra outings and more recreation time to catch the last of the longer days. What’s great about this energy supplement is that it helps to boost and enhance your energy without stimulants, instead utilizing Asian ginseng, grass leaf, sweetflag and other all-natural ingredients that won’t cause you to have jitters or experience that dreaded crash. I also really like their “Detox… ahhh” Supplement, which is fitting amid the glut of summer barbecues, picnics and parties. This natural herbal supplement eliminates toxins, provides gentle internal cleanings and generally supports liver function. And here’s a good tip for you: I do know the company is currently offering 20 percent off your first online order with promotion code “TAKE20.” $19.99, bioterraherbs.com.

The Luxe List Executive Editor Merilee Kern scours the luxury marketplace for exemplary travel experiences, extraordinary events and notable products and services. Submissions are accepted at TheLuxeList.com. Follow her on Twitter @LuxeListEditor and Facebook at TheLuxeList. None of these products are intended as a substitute for professional care. Consult your doctor prior to use.

By Merilee Kern

The Luxe List Executive Editor

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