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The Invaders

Classic Songs, New Experience

By Jennifer Russo

att00090-copyIf you’re like me and you love classic rock, but never got the chance to see Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Stones or other rock greats in concert, The Invaders are for you.  The Invaders, a local cover band made up of musicians who have seen it all and have years of experience together playing the music you’ve loved for decades.  The band will make you feel like you were catapulted back in time into the cool and colorful 1960s and 70s music scene.

The story began over 20 years ago when Jim Provencher, Jeff George and Kevin Vitaris played in a Worcester band called The Automatics. The hard working band that played every weekend for five years straight had Lady Luck on their side when were asked to back The Grass Roots at the then-Sir Morgan’s Cove (now The Lucky Dog Music Hall).  Fun Fact; Jim, the band’s bassist, had the privilege of going to the 1981 show there when The Stones played and was high-fived by Sir Jagger himself!

Fast-forward some years: the band goes their separate ways, pursuing different music projects and starting families.  Jim meets Steve Sears (a drummer) and with some other local musicians they form a band called Fourth Gear. Fate stepped in and Jim and Steve were reunited with old friends Jeff and Kevin of the above-mentioned Automatics, and the world came back full circle.  The Invaders were born.

“It’s a great time,” Jim tells me.  “There’s nothing better than working and playing with a group of friends.  No one wants to be the 5th Beatle, there are no arguments, and we have more fun up on stage than anything else.”

The band plays in different clubs throughout the Worcester and Holden areas, but is looking into playing Marlborough and Framingham in the near future.  Their fan base includes music lovers in their thirties through their sixties, and even 20-somethings who are well-versed in the classic songs of the period.  The shows are highly interactive and you’d be hard pressed to stand still when this band steps up to play.  From zany costumes and alien glasses to casually thrown in funny lyrics, The Invaders’ music is sure bring back great memories of the great rock bands that were the soundtracks to many of our lives.

To find out when The Invaders are invading a club near you, visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=129243193755679 or call (508) 886-2816.

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