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The Innovative Hair Products of j.f. lazartigue

By Lynn N. Capri

Jean-Francois Lazartigue is one of the most renowned hair care specialists in France. He began his career as a hairdresser and opened his first salon in Rue de Courcelles, Paris, in December 1963. He has always been fascinated by hairdressing techniques and interested in the health of the hair. By 1972 his salon had been established as a prominent center in Paris for relaxing the coarsest textures of hair. Today it is still a favorite for French editors and for the most demanding clients.

Driven by a true passion for hair, Mr. Lazartigue came across many unaddressed hair issues such as overprocessed hair damages by oxydation color, perms, straightening, ironing or even daily blow-drying. With the purpose of solving these issues, he created his own products to repair, protect and embellish hair. In 1976, on the strength of three main products, the j.f. lazartigue brand was born: the treatment cream shampoo with collagen, the pre-shampoo cream with shea butter, and the vita-cream with milk proteins

Mr. Lazartigue’s philosophy has always been to select the best available ingredients and use them in high concentrations. All of them are tested in the J.F. Lazartigue laboratories in France as well as in his salons and treatment centers.

In 1987, he brought his complete line (now distributed in more than 60 countries) to the USA: treatment products available for retail and backbar use, a non-damaging color process 100% ammonia & peroxide free, and a non-damaging straightening process based on 70% plant extracts.

From that complete line that now includes more than 18 categories of products and treatments comes the handiest of travel kits containing three key items, all in regulation travel size: the moisturizing mask, the moisturizing shampoo, and the moisturizing conditioner. All three products are designed especially for dry, color-treated hair. Using the products in the order listed produces shiny, manageable, silky hair that holds its color longer.

For more information go to, where you can also both take a “personalized prescription” quiz about your hair type/needs and place your order.

Let j.f. lazartigue give you the beautiful hair you deserve.

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