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The Healthy Back Bag®

Bringing Stylish Relief to Sore Shoulders, Necks and Backs
By Jill Hart

According to recent articles and news reports, numerous chiropractors, massage therapists and even orthopedic surgeons are all confirming that bags and purses are becoming an ever-growing issue in women’s health. Women are harming their bodies by carrying bags large enough to accommodate all the items they need throughout the day. The result is chronic stiff necks, shoulder soreness and back pain.

Originally created in 1994, AmeriBag®’s The Healthy Back Bag® Tote was designed with the supervision of a chiropractor and surgeon to reduce apparent stress on the neck, back and shoulders. It is great for anybody who has experienced these problems or who wants to avoid getting them.

The Bag’s sleek design and exceptional comfort has been heralded by millions over the past decade and has developed a cult following that includes legendary Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren, who calls it “utilitarian and chic.” By contouring to the natural curve of the spine, it hangs asymmetrically, distributing weight along the entire length of the back instead of on one pressure point on the shoulder. The Healthy Back Bag®’s multiple interior and exterior pockets keep items organized and help distribute the weight evenly throughout the bag, contributing to how comfortable it is to carry. To top off its functionality, the Bag comes in a wide range of sizes, colors and quality materials, from classic leather and sleek microfiber to natural cotton canvas.

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