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The Cool-it Caddy

By Erin Hansen

The Cool-It Caddy discreetly and conveniently stores small items while also incorporating an integrated chemical coolant with lightweight insulation layers for freeze-and-go portability. That means Chapstick, sunscreen, lipstick (Ladies, is there anything worse than melted lipstick???), heat-sensitive medicines and snacks maintain their integrity under even the hottest conditions. What’s more, its sleek design makes the Cool-It Caddy small and convenient enough to slip inside purses, briefcases, fanny packs, golf bags, backpacks and diaper bags.
Women aren’t the only ones who benefit from this revolutionary accessory; men of all ages can keep their belongings cool while playing sports or at the game. Available in black, pebble grain faux leather, the bag is perfect for every man whether at a business meeting, on the golf course, or at a child’s sporting event.

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