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Susan Newman, PhD’s Under One Roof Again

All Grown Up and (Re)learning to Live Together Happily

By Hillary Stone

As nest eggs shrink and the economy continues to be a source of financial uncertainty and anxiety, parents are moving in with their adult children and grandchildren in record numbers.  Similarly, with jobs scarce and unemployment high, more and more adult children ~ whether they’re recent college grads (80% of them in 2009) or have been on their own/in the work force for a while, are returning to their parents’ homes ~ and not just for a weekend visit.

Susan Newman

Susan Newman

Under One Roof Again squarely addresses the inescapable and sensitive issues ~ from money matters to boundaries to old behavioral patterns ~ that inevitably arise when formerly parent-child relationships are “reborn” as adult-adult ones.  Drawing from both her own research with family members already living together and from academic studies, social psychologist Susan Newman, a leading authority in the family relationship fields, provides straightforward advice for avoiding the conflicts and ultimately creating stronger family ties from these potentially divisive living arrangements.

Dr. Newman covers, from both the parents’ and the adult children’s perspectives, establishing ground rules, voicing expectations, dealing with finances, finding and combining space, and allowing all parties involved to maintain their individual lives (including dating).  Whether you are the 20 something child/grandchild, the older adult child, or the parent/grandparent moving in, the suggestions and insights for harmonious living make Under One Roof Again a valuable guide for living together peacefully with your adult family.  If bringing up uncomfortable subjects is preventing open communication, the book can be a wonderful ice-breaker, too, if it becomes “required reading” for all individuals sharing the same home.

An excerpt from the introduction to Under One Roof Again:

Whether you are 26 or 66 years old, it increasingly takes more money to maintain your lifestyle.  Alterations in the job market ~ including shifts in entire industries, ups and downs in the stock market, difficulty getting loans, credit card debt, and high housing and health-care costs ~ have put a new spin on almost everyone’s options.  Things happen.  Things change.  That’s how life is.

Under One Roof Again

Under One Roof Again

If you’re holding on to the antiquated negative attitude toward moving in with family, you’ll miss a great opportunity to be part of the current cultural shift.  Family represents your most enduring lifetime relationships.  Living under one roof again gives you the chance to enhance those relationships and make them stronger and more positive.  For millions, these new circumstances work.  More and more people are learning to live harmoniously with their family members, and, as you will see, it’s not that difficult.”

For more on Susan Newman, PhD and to order Under One Roof: All Grown Up and (Re)learning to Live Together Happily, please visit www.susannewmanphd.com and www.globepequot.com.

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