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Staying Active | Work out at home

Your busy lifestyle can make it difficult to squeeze in time at the gym. So, Bodyblade has created a set of workouts and a video tutorial designed with baby boomers in mind. Available in three lightweight model sizes, Bodyblade challenges users’ balance and automatically engages the entire body to strengthen the system through normal resistive activity.

By using Bodyblade just a few minutes a day, baby boomers can increase their functionality and joint mobility and improve hand-eye coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. Bodyblade creates a partnership with the neuro-muscular system of the body to create an environment for training. Bodyblade is designed for every body type, regardless of age, weight or current level of activity, including those in a wheelchair.

“As a baby boomer myself, maintaining a healthy and functional body through movement is key to promoting an active lifestyle,” said Bodyblade creator, Bruce Hymanson. “Loss of balance, flexibility, decreased strength and muscle mass, poor cardiovascular health and the inability to perform simple tasks create fear and limit one’s ability to perform.”

Bodyblade recommends the following workouts for baby boomers:

  • Chest Press: Beginning with Bodyblade chest high, drive it in a push /pull motion matching the frequency of the blade. Vary this exercise by moving arms high, low or through a range of motion.
  • Back & Shoulder Reach: Raise Bodyblade overhead and assume a wide stance. Slightly unlock the pelvis with an anterior pelvic tilt (slight hollow in back) and drive the blade in an up/down motion toward the ceiling.
  • Ab Crunch: Position Bodyblade chest level with arms extended in front, drive the blade up and down toward the floor and up toward the ceiling.
  • Tricep Push: Position Bodyblade behind the back, arms down by your side. Drive the Bodyblade in a push/pull motion on a 45 degree angle to the floor.
  • Bicep Tricep Trimmer: Hold Bodyblade in front of the body in a curling position chest high. Drive the blade forward and back with elbows bent at 90 degrees
  • Hip & Thigh Sculptor: Orient the blade vertically in front of the body, gripping the handle with both hands. Drive Bodyblade side to side to match the rhythmic motion of the blade. Add a squat or lunge to these exercises to provide a more advanced, challenging workout.
  • All Fours progressing to All Fours Two-Point: Position on hands and knees, hold Bodyblade with one hand in front of the body. Drive the blade forward and back. Now ,add the extension of the opposite leg off the floor for balance, strength and coordination. Switch sides using the other arm and leg and repeat.

Bodyblade is available in three scientifically designed models, all of which are recommended for use in sports training, physical therapy and rehabilitation: Pro, Classic and CXT. The Pro model is the largest Bodyblade available and will provide a greater resistance for those seeking a heavier workout; the Classic is the mid-sized Bodyblade with slightly less resistance; the CXT is the shortest and lightest model that is perfect for smaller adults and children who need a lighter workouts.

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