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Stay secure, stay stylish with Secure on Style

By Rachel Shuster

Tammy Blakesleec

There are many times our privacy may be interrupted for security purposes ~ the airport, large outdoor events or concerts and sporting events. Don’t you wish there was a company that produced products that don’t sacrifice style for security requirements? Introducing Secure on Style.

The owner of Secure on Style, Tammy Blakeslee created the company as a result of attending a pre-season Patriots game about one year ago. “I was reminded of the Clear Bag Policy and then realized that not one of my bags I was planning to bring met the size requirements,” Blakeslee said.

Tammy Blakesleeb

Security requirements prohibit any bags, unless they are clear vinyl, which did not jive with Blakeslee’s fashionable taste. “So, I ended up bringing a coat with pockets that I put my license, credit card and phone in. This was obviously not ideal. I didn’t want everyone seeing my things or risk theft.” That is when the idea was born.

“From there, I began designing the bag. I looked at the dimensions based on the requirements from the NFL and thought, ‘How can I make this look good?’” Blakeslee said.

The product is a patented design: a zippered, clear plastic handbag that meets security requirements but stays stylish.

So what makes this bag different from other bags? Prior to entering a security check, the liner is placed at the bottom of the bag, so your possessions are exposed through the clear plastic for security. Once you have passed through security, you can pull the liner up and snap it into place to keep your belongings private from that moment on. It’s just that simple!

Secure StyleFabric liners and straps can be changed to meet your preferred color choice, whether you want to match your favorite sports team at a game or your mood that day! Want your bag to stand out from the rest? Secure on Style offers customization options.

These bags are not just a local success. Blakeslee’s product has made its way to Hollywood! “At the Teen Choice Awards, all the celebrities nominated for an award get a gift bag with a bunch of goodies in it. My bag will be a part of that!” she said.

Blakeslee, who is also president of Environet LLC, an environmental services company, sees many opportunities to expand her already thriving business. “Moving ahead, I am looking to find a strategic partner to help sell and distribute the products. A partner that already has that place in the market would take Secure on Style to the next level,” she said.

As for other ideas in the pipeline, Blakeslee’s got plenty. “I am thinking about other products ~ wristlets with liners like the bags, backpacks for women, etc.,” she said.

Want a Secure on Style bag for yourself? Check out for purchasing information, prices, answers to commonly asked questions and more!

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