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Starseekers Himalayan Kittens ~ Agents of Joy

By Shelly Aucoin

Ken and Lorna McCafferty of Shrewsbury, MA are two of the most loving cat people you could ever hope to meet. Their first Himalayan kitten, Silky, came to live with them in 1997 while they were still living in Colorado. A beautiful traditional “doll face,” Silky was a Lilac-Cream point with brilliant blue eyes. Ken describes her as being “…loving and exceptionally intelligent,” adding that “She was so wonderful our friends encouraged us to breed kittens from her for them. We leased a CFA pedigree Himalayan male from a CFA registered breeder and registered with the CFA ourselves.”cats02

Silky began having litters just two months later and continued to breed, producing three litters the first year and two each year after without any encouragement. The McCaffertys were careful to keep her healthy with regular trips to the vet, allowing Silky to set her own schedule. “The entire experience was constant pleasure for everyone and all our kittens were reserved prior to delivery, just from our simple website,” says Ken. The McCaffertys decided to acquire a second female as a companion for Silky and Etta joined the family in 1998. To date, Starseekers has placed over 200 kittens in loving homes.

The McCaffertys received tons of emails and letters referring to their kittens as “agents of joy” and praising them for making their lives so much brighter. Before long their Starseekers name took on an additional title: the “Agents of Joy” program. “Himalayans are a wonderful human oriented breed; the kittens naturally want to be part of the family from about three weeks on ~ so in raising them I let them be part of my life, acclimating them to the human lifestyle and environment,” Ken explains. “They think we’re strange but are cool with it!”

catsSadly, both Silky and Etta have gone to the great catnip bar in the sky; the current Starseekers parents are Fancy, a white BEW Himalayan (the mom) and Monkey, a Blue-lynx point from Etta (the dad). Ken says that he and Lorna aren’t in the breeding world to make money; his pay off is the last few weeks he gets to spend with the kittens as they fall in love with humans and their personalities emerge.

Starseekers provides only the best for their little “agents of joy,” starting with high protein, high quality kitten formula supplemented with kitten milk replacer. All kittens receive initial vaccinations at 8 weeks old, prior to being placed in their forever homes. At present, Starseekers does not expect to have another litter available until March or later. To join the waiting list or inquire about additional information, please visit

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