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Red Sox Win with Champions Again

By Kimberly Dunbar

I have never been one to buy into the marketing mania surrounding a Boston sports championship. I passed over the memorabilia madness after the Red Sox won in 2004 and planned on doing the same this year. However, after being given the chance to review NESN’s Champions Again: The Story of the 2007 Red Sox, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Champions Again is a comprehensive look back at the amazing 2007 Red Sox season. For 80 minutes, the viewer is transported back to the moments that made this season unique, from biggies like the Mother’s Day Miracle, Jon Lester’s return and Clay Buchholz’s no-no to the smaller ~ but just as defining ~ moments such as the Red Sox’ back-to-back-to-back-to-back homers versus the Evil Empire and Hideki Okajima schooling Barry Bonds on three pitches. From the signing of Dice-K to the Red Sox rolling rally, this DVD covers everything you will ever need to remember about the historic season. Special features include the entire ninth inning of Buchholz’s no-hitter and a little humor with the best of NESN broadcasters Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo ~ as well as a moose hunt with Jonathan Papelbon.

The dramatic music sets a perfect backdrop for the story, which is sprinkled with commentary from players, front office members, reporters and broadcasters. There are several nostalgic points in the movie that bring a tear or two to the devoted sports fan’s eye. Reliving the World Series through this DVD is almost more enjoyable than watching the real thing, as you can enjoy the drama but can also relax knowing the good guys pull it off and indeed win it all in the end.

The only thing missing from this DVD: not enough Yankee hating. I would have liked to have seen a replay of the Jacobs Field Bug Invasion and A-Rod pouting a bit more after missing the World Series…again!

For the purest of Boston sports fans (you know who you are, you pink hat haters!), this is the DVD for you. Champions Again: The Story of the 2007 Red Sox is available at and at retail stores throughout New England.

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