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Soothing the Not-So-Savage Beast

Earth Heart™ provides all-natural aromatherapy for your pooch!

By Erin Hansen

Certified aromatherapist and master herbalist Vicki Rae Thorne is the creator behind Earth Heart’s all natural aromatherapy mists that help to soothe all the cranky, frightened, nervous, or high-strung dogs out there.  pets-aromatherapy4-copy

Earth Heart’s aromatherapy mists have been calming jittery dogs since 2000. When asked by a kennel for help with calming new arrivals, Vicki saw firsthand the anxious, angry, and depressed emotions dogs are capable of having when left behind by their humans. Since day one of using the aromatherapy blend now known as Canine CalmTM, the kennel saw improvements in the dogs’ temperaments. Owners noticed their dogs were calmer and asked for their own supply to use when at home or traveling. Earth Heart has been working ever since to create safe, easy to use, and attractively scented mists to help ease a number of doggie troubles.

Canine Calm aromatherapy mist works to relax dogs during unsettling times. Spray it on bedding or clothing, inside the car or travel crate, or put a little on your hands and rub the dog’s ears. Soon the dog will relax and be able to handle noisy thunderstorms or fireworks, grooming or competitions, and travel to clinics or kennels. The pure essential oils used include tangerine, bergamot, lavender, geranium, and ylang ylang, which are historically used in remedies for relaxation. Canine Calm was selected by FIDO-Friendly Magazine as a Top 100 Best Pet Product for 2010, and was a Tails Pet Magazine Staff Pick in June 2010.

Travel CalmTM aromatherapy mist works quickly to soothe pups who experience travel sickness. It is Canine Calm with ginger added (ginger is used to relieve morning sickness and sea/travel sickness is humans as well!) to relieve both restlessness and tummy upset. Travel Calm was featured in Dog Fancy’s New Stuff for July 2010.

Guard Wellaromatherapy mist was developed to help dogs stay healthy during cold and flu season, and after exposure to lawn or pool chemicals. It features Niaouli, Ravensare, and Frankincense, essential oils that have been used for lung and immune system support. Guard Well was also selected by FIDO-Friendly Magazine as a Top 100 Best Pet Wellness Product for 2010, and featured in Dog Fancy’s Natural Dog Summer 2010 issue.
These dog-specific aromatherapy mists have been making waves in the pet community and are being used by kennels, groomers, trainers and households across the nation. Even though the products were developed for dogs, they are completely family friendly, and customers have reported that Canine Calm is effective in calming cantankerous owners as well as their dogs.

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