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Sleek IDentity

A Modern Online Store That Promotes Up-And-Coming International Designers

By Erin Hansen

Sleek IDentity’s mission is to offer a unique collection of whimsical, functional and fun home design pieces designed by some of the hottest emerging artists and designers in Europe. Sleek IDentity is a tastemaker, offering an edited selection of original pieces you can’t find anywhere else, designs that will make your home a delightful showcase of your individual taste.

Sleek IDentity

Sleek IDentity

Sleek IDentity is not a megastore; pieces come directly from designers and small manufacturers. Owner/Buyer Stefanie Galinas personally scoured all of the artist studios from Berlin to Amsterdam to Paris to bring together new and independent designer’s wares. Her goal is to find objects that are original, intelligent and have a sense of humor. Sleek Identity regularly curates products that illustrate a special theme ~ “Happiness,” for example.

Besides selling unique products, Sleek IDentity seeks to inform buyers about the design process and offers a connection with designers and their products. The Sleek IDentity experience is more than just about “buying stuff”  ~  it’s about creating relationships with the next generation of international designers and starting a dialogue about design. Our goal is to make the process of selecting original designs for your home organic, intuitive and fun.
To read more about the designers, to shop their designs, to learn more about Sleek IDentity’s mission, and to place orders, please visit

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