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Seven foods for pain-free living

Living a healthy and fit lifestyle has always been a priority to me. After my arthritis pain began to affect my quality of life by keeping me from doing some of the active things that I loved, I knew I had to make changes.

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to enjoy everyday activities due to chronic pain. You shouldn’t have to miss out on your morning jog or playing with your kids. Any drug-free alternative that helps to manage your pain and allows for you to live a healthy life, both physically and emotionally, is worth trying.

I knew prescription painkillers, while effective, would cause more damage to my body long-term and therefore were not the answer that I wanted. I then began to explore non-drug forms of relief. In the end, a combination of infrared-powered pain relief, the kind found in portable devices such as LumiWave, along with adjustments to my diet have provided me with natural and effective alternatives to pain management.

Listed below are seven nutritional solutions that help to remedy pain. Making small changes to your diet can make a large difference in your health and wellness journey.

Soothe your stomach with ginger
Ginger has been used to soothe an upset stomach for generations. Ever wonder why your mom would always pop open a can whenever you were feeling under the weather? Well, it wasn’t just for the bubbles.

Ginger will relieve all sorts of gastrointestinal stress with its therapeutic properties that calm the stomach. It also helps to alleviate nausea and motion sickness. Along with these properties, ginger contains a natural anti-inflammatory, which has a soothing effect to reduce swelling and increase the mobility in joints.

Help your heart with olive oil
Olive oil works wonders for helping to prevent and manage many debilitating diseases. It slows down the aging process of the heart and reduces inflammation that may prevent future coronary risk, including heart disease. Olive oil also helps to combat osteoporosis; it thickens bone tissue and alleviates pain.

Improve your vitality with salmon
Known for its healthy omega-3 fatty acids, studies show that salmon has bioactive peptides to support joint cartilage. This gives your body the building blocks needed to repair damaged cartilage and allows joints to heal faster. Salmon is packed with Vitamin D, which improves overall vitality in the body and helps your brain stay focused throughout the day.

Gain endorphins with peppers
Packed with vitamins, bell peppers keep your immune system strong. When it comes to hot peppers, the rush of heat can even cause your body to release endorphins, similar to what happens with a runner’s high. A compound called capsaicin sends messages to your brain when the spiciness kicks in. Your brain counteracts the pain from the spice and spreads endorphins throughout the body, temporarily masking any joint pain. Other vitamins found in peppers provide antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. The next time you take a bite of something hot, remember that the extra spice is actually doing your body good.

Relax with mint
Mint, which is commonly known as a digestive aid, can also be used to relieve headaches and stress. The astringent properties in mint help calm any panicky muscles, and the methanol also acts as an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent. Adding a piece of mint to your plate will not only help you digest your meal easier, its lasting benefits will also help to extend your overall health.

Accelerate your relief with coffee
Caffeine acts as an anti-inflammatory, but it also gives over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen and Tylenol accelerated effects. If you start to have a migraine, having a small cup of coffee should help suppress some of the symptoms while boosting any medicine you might take.

Fight bacteria with cranberry juice
Cranberries contain powerful antioxidants and are packed with vitamin C. They are great for flushing out your system if you have an infection. It will kill strains of bacteria and prevent new bacteria from growing. A recent study from the UK validated this by showing that women who regularly drink cranberry juice were less likely to develop a UTI.

Sherry Fox is responsible for overseeing all aspects of LumiWave’s product development, distribution, marketing and sales, financial operations and investor relations, in co-operation with Jon Weston, CEO. Fox received her MBA from Texas Christian University and has achieved numerous additional certifications as a senior professional in human resource management and as a weight-loss coach and nutritional consultant. She has also been a long-standing member of the Colorado BioScience Association, the BioEntrepreneurs Club, the Colorado Photonics Industry Association and the North American Association for Laser Therapy.

By Sherry Fox

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