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Serving Up Worcester Tennis Club’s Bob Greene

By Kim Dunbar

When Bob Greene moved to the city this spring to head the Worcester Tennis Club, he had an agenda. But there’s one thing in particular he’d like you to know:

“That it actually exists! There are people who have lived here their whole lives and never knew we existed,” said Greene.

Bob Greene

Bob Greene

Greene shared that people also don’t understand that the Worcester Tennis Club ~ founded in 1907 ~ is a hidden jewel full of history. But like the Club, its new Director of Tennis and General Manager is also a treasure, except not so hidden. The 58-year-old United Stated Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) pro has over 30 years experience as a tennis professional, the last 19 spent at the Balsams Grand Resort in New Hampshire.

The boy who fell in love with tennis when he first saw it on television has since become an acclaimed professional.
“It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” said Greene when asked how he got involved in the sport. “I saw two guys on TV and thought it was pretty cool. I went out, got a racquet and started hitting a ball off the wall.”

Greene traded in the wall for live opponents throughout high school and college and played a little on the pro tour before switching over to coaching. Last year, he was presented with the Alex Gordon Award for the USPTA Professional of the Year.

“It was a very nice unintended consequence of giving back to tennis as a teaching professional,” said the humble Greene, who works part-time at Westboro Tennis and Swim Club and as the Chief Training Officer of the Saddleback Mountain Ski Patrol in Maine during WTC’s off season (October 16- April 14).  He’s also an accomplished musician, television producer, and sometimes actor.


His teaching skills are an American asset: In 2008, Greene traveled to Beijing as the Chairman of the United States Tennis Association Olympic Committee. Although he’s no longer involved with the organization, he calls the opportunity taking the team overseas the “ultimate experience in sports.”

For Greene, the future of Worcester tennis is just as important. His plans for WTC include physical renovations, adding more tournaments for next summer, and enticing more beginners and kids to learn the game.

Greene also wants you to know that WTC is a neighborhood club, filled with people from all walks of life and all ages.
“We have a very active senior membership,” he said.  “A lot of people can benefit from tennis, no matter when they take it up in life.  We have a group of 80-year-olds who play and they are healthy, active, lucid and alert. It is a good testament of what the sport can do.”

Knowledge is power.

Worcester Tennis Club
69 Sever Street, Worcester

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