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Samsonite Celebrates 100 Years with the Samsonite Cosmolite

samsonite-21-centennial-sp-copyBy R. Peltier

2010 saw Samsonite, the world’s leading luggage brand, celebrate its 100th year, firmly established as the  world leader in the travel luggage field and still setting the standards in suitcase quality, innovation and durability.

Samsonite Suitcases have always been renowned for their strength, but in its 100th year, the new Samsonite Cosmolite has also added the quality of being lightweight to its reputation. As a brand with a reputation built on innovation and quality, the Samsonite Cosmolite boasts revolutionary Curv® technology. Curv® is a form of high performance polypropylene, that provides unparalleled strength combined with surprising lightness and durability. The use of this material in Cosmolite suitcases enables a hard shell suitcase to be produced, with a weight of just 2.22kg. The unique Cosmolite suitcase shell design, inspired by the sea shell, includes a distinctive rib design, and it is these ribs that help give the amazingly light case its legendary Samsonite strength, without anyadditional weight.

The Cosmolite Spinner luggage offers travelers the versatility of four wheels with full agility through 360 degrees. Users can opt for 2 wheel use for rugged terrains and then revert to 4 wheels for the more typical travel locations such as airport terminals and railway stations. Available in a range of models from a Spinner 55cm through to a Spinner 85cm and colours from silver and black – to the audacious red or elegant and distinctive blue – the Cosmolite range also includes a functional and stylish lightweight Samsonite Cosmolite Beauty Case – perfect for carry on to the plane or train.

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