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Relaxing with Qi Gong

A New You is Just 30 minutes Away
By Kimberly Dunbar

Lee Holden

Lee Holden

In his recently released DVD Qi Gong For Seniors, host and public television favorite Lee Holden takes a unique approach to helping older adults restore their youthful vigor and well-being.

While this workout is not a calorie burner, it is meant to decrease stress and increase circulation. Holden focuses on bringing healing energy to the muscles and joints of the body with each move. As you go through the motions of the routine, Holden explains the reasoning behind each movement and how it affects the body. While some of the moves may seem repetitive and a little peculiar, like when Holden has you massage your face and ears (remember to wash your hands first so you are not spreading dirt and oils to your face), they are meant to soothe and stimulate the body.

The DVD boasts two versions of Holden’s Qi Gong routine. There is a 30 minute standard workout and a 20 minute modified workout featuring Holden’s mother, Karen, as a special guest. While the 20 minute version is all modified for the viewer’s convenience, Holden also offers modifications on the standard routine for those who may have difficulty with certain parts of their body (i.e. knees or lower back).

Lee Holden

Lee Holden

While Holden offers modifications, this workout is not physically demanding. For those of you looking to break a sweat like you would while doing Yoga or Pilates, this is not for you. Holden’s routines are meant more to relax and stimulate the muscles and the joints rather than to stretch and tone them like the aforementioned genres do. This DVD can be a useful tool for any age because it is easy and accessible. While the Yoga generation might find it a little boring, it is great for those who want to feel the effects of yoga without the intense strain on the body.

The background music and ocean setting add to the relaxation of the routine. You can opt to listen to both Holden’s instruction and music or to just the music. However, doing the routine with the instruction allows you to close your eyes and relax even more while concentrating on the movements and the body flow.

In addition to the two routines, the DVD also includes special features, an introduction and tips on how to use the DVD.

This DVD, as well as any of the routines from Holden’s “Exercise to Heal” collection, can be found at

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