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Relax in the Land of Lavender: A Journey to Haute-Provence

By Lynn N. Capri

escentualloccitane_lav_003-copyJust a whiff of fragrant lavender transports you to Provence: the vibrant colors, dramatic textures and sprawling landscape appears before your eyes. L’Occitane pays homage to this symbol of Provence by using its essence ~ the essential oil of the purest lavender, lavandula angustifolia. Produced using traditional methods of distillation, the prized oil is of exceptional quality and provides a distinctive floral, aromatic scent sought after for its relaxing properties.

Lavender Foaming Bath ($32): This rich formula generously foams in the bath and offers all the relaxing benefits of Haute-Provence lavender. The brushed aluminum bottle is an homage to the classic estagnon bottle.

Lavender Body and Massage Gel ($35): This rich, smooth gel-cream envelops the body in a soft, relaxing, aromatic fragrance. Its mild and gentle formula can be used every day to nourish and soften the skin or as a massage oil to relieve tension and instill a sense of calm.

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