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Reebok’s ZigTech Sneakers

style-side-zigzag_sneakersBy Cristal Steuer

Need an energy boost while you’re working out? Forget the latest drinks and shakes, it’s just as easy to slip on a new pair of sneakers. Whether you’re walking, running or training, Reebok has a new shoe for you:  the ZigTech.  They may look like they were made in outer space ~ and once you put them on you’ll feet will feel out of this world.

Reebok says the zigzag technology works like a Slinky: just as a Slinky returns energy through itself to propel it forward, so does the Zig. Being a Nike Shox girl, I was a little wary at first. But my fears were put to rest once I tied up the laces. The shoes were extremely light and comfortable, almost like walking on air.

If you suffer from shin splints (like me!) or leg or knee pains after your work out, you may want to give this shoe a try.  The extra cushion helps to protect your muscles and I haven’t had a shin splint since I slid them on my feet.

Reebok also claims the shoe causes less wear and tear on your muscles (up to 21% less muscle activity), which means less wear and tear on your body. This enables you to work out longer. I have stepped up my running from 2 to 3 miles since I got the new sneaks.

My only complaint: sometimes you get a rock or twig stuck in the bottom of the Zig, but that is a small price to pay for comfort (and, again, no shin splints!)

Another plus, you don’t have to break these shoes in, and I had no blisters or sore feet once I took the ZigTechs off.

Don’t just take my word for it, athletes like Tiki Barber and David Ortiz are big fans of the new ZigTechs.

As well as being a great walking shoe, they are also a comfortable everyday shoe; I don’t think twice about throwing them on before a trip to the mall or helping my husband with the yard work (Okay, I mean watching my husband do the yard work.).

ZigTechs are sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Foot Locker, Finish Line and ~ and  you can even design your own online at

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