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Red Envelope Gives Youre Home Bar Character

dining-and-entertaining-red-envelope-corkscrewInvented in 1941, the Moscow Mule cocktail is coming back into style! Enjoy the drink that hailed from New York and was popular with the Hollywood starlets of yore with RedEnvelope’s custom glassware. Made from food-safe copper and personalized with the owner’s initials, the Mule Mug is a shining addition to any home bar.

New to the world of alcohol and its accoutrements, the young twenty-one year old will need some help setting up their bar. Give them the perfect present to kick off their birthday with the Hootch Owl corkscrew. This double-lever corkscrew exhibits an exquisite amount of detail and is modeled after the famous and highly sought after hootch owl design from the 1930’s. In addition to its corkscrew, it also features two bottle openers on its wings, creating a multi-functional tool that appeals to both wine and beer enthusiasts.

The tradition of presenting gifts in a simple red envelope is not only timeless, but carries with it well wishes of prosperity, good fortune, appreciation, and love. RedEnvelope not only took this concept for their name, but also carefully packages all of their items in beautiful red gift boxes to symbolize the happiness they feel to provide others with joy. RedEnvelope opened its doors in 1999 and was acquired by Provide Commerce, Inc. in 2008. This partnership has opened up new doors to high-quality gifting brands, and given them even more opportunities to bring people the best.

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