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Q Knot® Original and Pro

Not Your Average Cord-Organizing Solutions
By Hillary Stone

Anyone who has ever resorted to using a household rubber band or a twist tie as a makeshift solution for unsightly, tangled electrical cords or cables knows just how well those methods don’t work. They’re either too loose, too tight, become a tangled mess themselves, or they snap just when you think you’ve got everything secured. Yes indeed, thanks to technology, cord clutter has become an epidemic in America.  UT Wire™, the manufacturer of innovative cord-organizing products, recently unveiled a new product that replaces the makeshift rubber band for good. Q Knot®, a colorful, reusable multipurpose tie for just about anything, systematizes cluttered messes in the home, the office, the craft room, the garage and the garden…with ease. q-knot_11

The product’s award-winning (Q Knot was recently awarded the distinguished 2012 IF Design Award out of 2,000 products for its innovative design), smart self-locking design is stretchable and flexible and thus allows you to bundle multiple objects ~ including electrical cords ~ safely and effectively. The secret lies in its built-in non-slip, gripping teeth. Yet for all its ability to hold securely, the Q Knot is easy to release and retie, making it an environmentally friendly must-have in every home. Other practical uses in addition to organizing cords include sealing plastic food bags so the contents stay fresh longer, keeping portable electronic devices tangle free in bags, purses and suitcases, and organizing indoor and outdoor holiday light sets.

Available in colorful primary hues, the Q Knot Original makes a fun and handy addition to the kitchen, craft room, a woman’s bathroom and kids’ play areas and bedrooms. The Q Knot Pro takes the awarding-winning design of the Original to the next level with new slanted triangular teeth that make it grip harder for heavy-duty tasks. Available in understated neutral colors, the Q Knot Pro lends itself to the garage, DIY workspaces, gardens and tool sheds.

Sold in packages of 12 and 25, the Q Knot Original can be found at The Container Store, Crate & Barrel, Storables, CVS, Rite Aid and The Q Knot Pro is sold at select Home Depot stores and at and and comes in packages of 12 and 25 (MSRP $9.98). That’s right, all Q Knot packages are available for under $10!

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