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Products for seniors

The right products can help caregivers make those they are caring for safer and more comfortable. Here are our picks for products you might want to try if you’re caring for a loved one.


Ambrosia Scents
As we have seen in the past, burning candles and their hot wax can cause fire hazards, health issues and burns. Now, one new product line offers innovative, decorative, safer scent diffusers. Ambrosia Scents and sachets are a portable, wax-free, heat-free, mess-free way to fill any home with soft fragrances, soothing lighting and attractive decor. The unit’s whisper-soft, rechargeable fan blows over the scent filled sachets, sending a subtle, pleasant fragrance through the home without fear of fire or other potential health issues.

Comfort Design Mats
Comfort Design Mats are high-quality mats created to complement home décor while keeping seniors safe and comfortable. They are constructed with non-toxic and durable spongy foam. Long-lasting and high-quality, Comfort Design Mats were originally designed as play mats, but can be adapted to increase seniors’ safety in their own homes.

Knee Osteoarthritis Care Kit
Did you know knee arthritis affects 30 million people in the U.S.? Pains and Strains has created a time-saving and affordable solution. The Knee Osteoarthritis Care Kit is designed to ease the pain of arthritis in the knees, slow the progression of OA and get individuals back to living a healthy, active lifestyle. Each kit provides the latest physical therapy techniques and exercise programs, as well as medical-grade tools, including the REACTION Knee Brace, a responsive, webbed approach to knee pain that absorbs shock, disperses energy and shifts pain away from your knee.

PAINCAKES are reusable cold packs that stick and stay exactly where you put them, solving the vexing problem of keeping a cold pack where you position it. These 5-inch circular PAINCAKES require no straps, no tape and no awkward contraptions to keep them in place. The innovative, patented gel pack provides targeted cold, localized cryotherapy, and PAINCAKES are hypoallergenic, free of latex and silicone and filled with medical-grade gel.


Oojra home fragrances
Oojra’s premier home fragrances will transport users to a whole new world in the comfort of their own home using aromatic essential oils. The perfect final touch to any home environment, their beautiful reed diffusers provide feelings of relaxation, romance, focus and balance. Their most popular fragrance, the Thai Jasmine Bamboo Diffuser, inspires romance and relaxation while leaving behind impressions of fresh bamboo and garlands of flowers.

The Dreampad is a pillow which uses a patented sound technology to calm the nervous system. Music is played from a phone app and delivered through the pillow by a tiny Bluetooth receiver. The user can select songs from a number of music options and set the music to play for a few minutes or for the entire night. Research by Columbia University Medical School and other research organizations have shown positive results for neuro-typical individuals, as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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