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Portion Pals

An Innovative Weight Loss Product
By Missy Adams

As the holidays and the new year approach, people are looking for simple yet effective ways to lose weight without spending a lot of money ~ and without feeling as though they are depriving themselves.  Portionpals is NOT a diet plan, but rather a tool with extremely simple guidelines that help you integrate portion control into your overall lifestyle.

Portionpals consists of five translucent discs that provide users with the exact USDA servings for meat, poultry, fish, sides (pasta, potato, roll, rice, etc), and dessert.  Each disc has a non-skid bottom for cutting board purposes and is also microwavable and dishwasher safe.

Portionpals is a great holiday gift for friends or loved ones who are looking to get healthy and reach their weight loss goal for the New Year. What better gift to give them (or yourself!) than the opportunity to lose weight easily and effectively.

This is the low cost way of eating the foods you love and bringing your family back to the dinner table. Portionpals retails for $17.98 and can be purchased at

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