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pluggz ~ Get grounded!

pluggzMany people describe a sense of well being when they walk barefoot on grass, sand or earth. This “feel-good” sensation manifests differently in everyone, but it’s called being grounded.

There is plentiful research showing that walking barefoot on the ground (being grounded) enables our bodies to efficiently absorb earth’s abundant electrons. Science has also shown that we have too many free radicals floating around our bodies. These free radicals can cause discomfort, pain, inflammation, listlessness ~ and wreak all sorts of havoc.

Electrons help neutralize free radicals ~ and by doing so, they begin to heal us from the inside out. Fortunately, the earth has a plethora of electrons that it is more than willing to share with us. All we have to do is connect.

That’s what pluggz do. The proprietary technology in every pair of pluggz has a custom carbon and rubber plug which acts as a conduit, allowing the electrons to flow into our bodies.

Available for men (brown, black) and women (silver, gold, black), pluggz retail for $39.00 at

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