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Luxurious Lapdogs – The Pampered Pups of Country Home Yorkies

By Meghan Ennes

Denise Ronayne has been raising puppies on her Sutton estate for twenty years, and in that time she has perfected the breeding and raising of Yorkshire Terriers. Country Home Yorkies have such a uniquely darling look that they are recognized throughout Massachusetts as canine celebrities. “Our dogs are little teddy bears,” says Denise, “They will look this way even as adults.” They’re Teacup Yorkies, which means they will never grow a pointy, rat-like nose that most Yorkies develop in adulthood. This leaves a precious little creature that resembles a puppy for life.

At photo shoots, the Country Home Yorkies have astounded camera personnel with their well-mannered behavior – not a single yip is ever heard. Denise’s secret to producing such polite pups is rearing them in her own home. “We go back to the old-fashioned way of raising them,” she explains. “It’s not a puppy mill.” Because the dogs grow up in a house, they become accustomed not only to people but also to the sounds of a home ~ like a dishwasher ~ that may be disturbing to puppy mill dogs. When the sights and sounds of a home are common to them, the puppies grow to be less skittish and (most importantly) quieter than other Yorkshire terriers.

Although these dogs lack the diva personality, they certainly get the star treatment. The puppies and their mothers live in a country estate, complete with oriental rugs and hardwood floors. These dogs never even see a crate ~ they live in what the Ronayne’s call “The Great Room,” which includes a television and plenty of fluffy pillows. The puppies also have their own personal chef, as Denise prepares them homemade meals each day. They even receive a spa treatment before leaving the estate: “They’re raised like royalty,” says Denise, “My husband always says he wants to come back in his second life as one of my dogs.”

Not surprisingly, the mild-mannered Country Home Yorkies are catching the eyes of a more affluent, mature crowd. Their calm disposition makes them perfect dogs for city dwellers, who make up a large part of Country Home’s clientele. These little dears are also quite low maintenance ~ they don’t even shed. And although they are trained when they get to their “forever home,” any accidents will be easy to clean as they are so small. The dogs are tiny enough to pick up oh-so-easily, and are perfectly sized for travel. These Yorkies do often accompany their new owners on vacation – one even joins his owner on a yacht in the Bahamas.

Clients travel from all over the world to pick up these sought-after puppies, which can cost a pretty penny. To ensure that her clients are making a good investment that is right for both human and canine alike, Denise gets to know each client and his or her family so that she can hand-pick the perfect animal to fit their needs, lifestyle, and dispositions. Once the puppy finds a home, Denise makes herself available at all hours of the day to clients with questions about the new addition to the family.

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