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The Fresh Face of the Pet Industry

By Erin Hansen

Petprojekt™, the company known for hip and affordable dog toys, has been busy whipping up some all new treats for their four-legged fans.

Since their big break into the pet industry last year, Petprojekt™ has been pushing the boundaries of ordinary dog toy. Why get a boring squeak toy, when Fido can be chewing on a surprisingly realistic T-Bone steak? If your pup isn’t into the novelty foods, then their newest line of toys might be right up his alley.

The Bonbal™ is a 2-in-1 toy that is twice the entertainment for dogs! The bright, bouncy ball, made from durable, 100% natural rubber, has ridges that make it extra fun to catch, chew and chomp. Flip the ball inside out and it becomes a rubber bone shaped toy.

The Cozmo™ is a dog toy that’s out of this world. The long, soft, durable spikes create the perfect toy for bouncing, and make it easy to pick up and throw. Dogs can’t resist chasing after a bouncing asteroid, and owners can’t help but laugh as their dogs jump along.  spot-with-his-cozmo-copy

For the pup looking for something a bit more conventional, the Dogbon™ is just the thing. It’s shaped like a regular bone toy, but is made from 100% synthetic RUBR™, a proprietary blend of durable non-toxic synthetic materials that make it bounce and float like a dream. Whether it’s for a water dog that can’t get enough of “Go catch,” or the lazy pooch who just wants to sit and chew, the Dogbon is a fresh spin on a classic chew toy.

The dedicated team of pet-owners behind Petprojekt™ believe safety comes first, which is why their products are made only from top quality, 100% non-toxic materials that are dog-tested and approved. The pet industry is filled with harmful products made from questionable materials. Luckily for dogs everywhere, Petprojekt™ adheres to the same standards as children’s toys must by law in order to promote a healthy life for all pets.

Jason Vap, owner and creative mind behind Petprojekt™, has over 15 years of experience in the development and marketing of children’s toys and consumer products. Using his background in the toy industry, Jason was able to develop safe dog toys, thereby filling this important gap in the market.

You can read more on what the pet industry has to say about Petprojekt™ in The Bark, Fido Friendly, Modern Dog, and Doggie Aficionado magazines.

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