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Parker Pens ~ A History of Elegance


By Ross Joseph

Founded by George Parker in 1888, the Parker brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and superior craftsmanship.   Common features found in Parker pens include expert lacquering, plating, chiselling and prestigious gold nibs. Now based in Paris, the pairing of the brand’s impeccable craftsmanship with subtle, elegant designs creates a unique blend of style and authenticity seen in every Parker pen. A favorite among celebrities and political leaders throughout history including Amelia Earhart and Presidents Clinton and Bush Sr., Parker celebrates its place in history with its latest contemporary design, Parker Premier.  Here are two examples of the outstanding new line:

Chiseled Silver: The Chiseled Silver model features a sparkling silver plated finish chiseled with extreme precision that’s sure to captivate the eye – perfect for those who like to make a statement in every aspect of their lives. Silver plated trims and a contemporary interpretation of the iconic Parker arrow clip add to its modern-day styling. Available for an average retail price of $200 (ball point pen), $250 (roller ball pen) and $350 (fountain pen)

Black Lacquer GT:  The Black Lacquer GT model features a rich, glossy black lacquer finish applied on a durable brass base. Its 23ct gold plated trims and refined interpretation of the iconic Parker Arrow clip create a distinctly classic design. Available for an average retail price of $125 (ball point pen), $165 (roller ball pen) and $250 (fountain pen)

Pictured: The Chiseled Silver model

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