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Only the Best for Dad (or Yourself!)

Two Exceptional Whiskies

By Rick Garner
pcocks-yamazaki-1984-bottle-shotOn the heels of winning the Distiller of the Year Award at Whisky Magazine’s 2010 Icons of Whisky Awards, Suntory is proud to announce the introduction of two new Japanese whiskies for Father’s Day: Yamazaki 1984 and Hibiki 12 Year Old.

The perfect gift for the “whisky connoisseur,” Suntory’s Yamazaki 1984 is a way to give the distinct taste of Japan:

• With a limited bottling of only 300, Yamazaki 1984 a rare and luxurious whisky gift
• A perfect climate and pure water contribute to its unique flavor, but the key difference lies in the use of American, Spanish and Japanese casks
• Smooth and full-bodied, it displays a distinctive, cinnamon-like flavor, the result of its key malt
• At a price of $559.95, Yamazaki 1984 is the quintessential luxury whisky gift

And for the blended whisky drinker, there is Hibiki 12 Year Old, the pinnacle of the Suntory portfolio:

• A whisky that can be enjoyed both straight or “Mizuari” style (cut with water).
• Uses a signature blending process which combines bamboo charcoal filtering with aging in plum liqueur casks
• The bottle has 24 facets, which represent the hours in a day and the ancient Japanese calendar, in which a year was divided into twenty four parts.
• Priced at $55, Hibiki 12 Year Old is an attainable luxury gift

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