One rocker is living his dream

Sixty-two-year-old Californian Bob Pressner has proved that you are never too old to follow your dreams.

After “American Dream,” a song he wrote and recorded in the middle of the night in his bedroom closet, debuted this year on the Hot Rock Billboard Chart at No. 12, he climbed to No. 10 and hit the Spotify Daily Top 200 Chart in Canada.
Recorded two years ago in his bedroom closet, after a revelation in the middle of the night, Pressner shelved the song and then released an “Inauguration Version” of the video for it in January, after deciding that it reflected the divisiveness taking place in the United States.

The Bob Pressner of today can be traced back to a single day in New York – Feb. 26, 1993, when a truck bomb was detonated beneath the World Trade Center – eight years before 9/11. Pressner, then a Wall Street trader, was at the towers on the day of that first tragedy, and it was then that he decided to leave that life behind and concentrate on his first love, making music.

A former Wall Street Trader, Pressner left his day job after a truck bomb was detonated in New York City in 1993 underneath the World Trade Center, eight years before 9/11.  Pressner has performed throughout the United States, and has been a regular featured artist for the XFINITYSessions on Comcast’s “Sessions at Willow Grove.” Pressner’s music is authentic, honest and gives his fans something to make “them think and reflect, something that’s different from the stuff that’s out there.”

Although he had performed during his commodities trading years – “I played every club in New York,” he said – Pressner’s “world view changed considerably” after the bombing. He soon discovered that the music he was creating was improving and maturing as he himself got older. Pressner focuses on creating music that has substantial and significant messages.

“I may not be the kind of artist that the record companies want,” he said, “but I give it my all, I give it my passion and try to be who I am.”

Pressner’s recently recorded performance for XFINITYSessions are available via Comcast’s XFINITY On Demand. For more information, visit bobpressner.com.

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