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On DVD – Everyman’s War

Paying Tribute to Our Heroes

By Glenn Thomas

film-everymanswar_newart-copyCommemorating our nation’s greatest generation and to recognizing the sacrifices made by veterans loved and lost, Virgil Films & Entertainment and One-eighty Films are giving audiences a piece of history to own. Winner of the GI Film Festival 2009 for Best Narrative Feature, Everyman’s War is a heartwarming tribute to our soldiers’ valiant and heroic efforts. Directed by Thad Smith, this poignant film follows the story of his father, Staff Sergeant Don Smith of the 94th Infantry Division, during 1945’s Battle of the Bulge.

The emotionally charged film honors an esteemed generation of heroes while providing viewers a true glimpse of the courageous steps they took both on and off the battlefield. Shot in Oregon, the film chronicles the story of one man whose experiences are very similar to many other veterans’.  Wounded, unarmed, and surrounded by enemy tanks, Smith forges on to save a company of men and make his way through enemy fire. Like many brave soldiers, Smith found his last ounce of strength in a symbol of hope; it was this hope that would keep him alive and bring him back home to the family he left behind.

“The struggles that these men endured and the bravery they displayed, gave us the freedoms we take for granted every day,” says Thad Smith. “It is important that they are not forgotten.”

“This film thoroughly hones in on the emotional, mental, and physical challenges these men had to endure,” adds Joe Amodei, President of Virgil Films & Entertainment. “Through Everyman’s War we hope to pay our respects to the brave soldiers who will never be forgotten.”

Bonus features on the disc include: an in-depth behind-the-scenes featurette that follows cast and crew members through the full production process, beginning from the initial script adaptation and going right up until the editing process. Viewers get a look into what it took for the crew to recreate 1940s Germany as well as into the training the actors went through at “Boot Camp” with real Army veterans.

For more information about the film, please visit: www.everymanswarthemovie.com.

The novel Everyman’s War, by Chris Smith, is available on Amazon and at local bookstores.

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