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“Biologically Seductive”

By Stephanie Williams


Do you ever wonder why the perfume that has been your favorite for so many years ~ the one scent you could always count on to smell just perfect on you ~ has suddenly seemed not so perfect? Why your signature scent no longer lingers sweetly but rather seems a bit sour once you’ve dabbed it on your wrists and neck? There’s a simple explanation. No, the perfume’s chemistry hasn’t changed, ours has. As we age, our body chemistry undergoes changes as well ~ and thus it interacts with the perfume differently.

Enter My DNA Fragrance, already a darling of talk-shows (including “The Today Show”), magazines (Newsweek, for one), and celebrities alike. A one-of-a-kind fragrance designed according to your genetic code, no two DNA Fragrances are the same ~ each is personalized in the truest sense of the word and formulated to harmonize with your individual biology. And yes, the fragrances ~ which are Green Products and therefore alcohol free and shipped in eco-friendly, 100% recyclable aluminum containers ~ are selling like hotcakes to both men and women.

Now, the first obvious question is, “How does the company get my DNA for the formulation?” It’s simple. Once you place your order via the website, the company ships you a consent form (since DNA is involved ~ and the website does a wonderful job at addressing FAQs about that very subject and others, including a bit about the mechanics and chemistry of the process) that includes a sterile swab ~ just swab the inside of your cheek, place the sample in the provided envelope, and mail it back to the lab in the provided, pre-addressed envelope. Although this method of DNA “collection” may seem a bit…organic, think of what it will produce ~ an elegant scent that is pure and purely yours.

In addition to offering the most exclusive fragrance you’ll ever wear, My DNA Fragrance also allows you to choose from a beautiful and creative collection of designer perfume bottles, atomizers, and key chain charms in which to keep it.

How’s that for a reason to embrace our changing body chemistry?

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