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New RoboCup Invention Puts the Fun Into Golf Practice…While Saving Your Back

By Rick Garner

Golfers ~ of every level ~ are generally so enthusiastic about their practice-putting that the last thing on their minds at the time is protecting their backs and personal health. And that’s how injuries happen.

Fortunately, there’s the new RoboCup ball-return robot that reduces unnecessary stress on your back while you’re on the putting green. Now, instead of bending over to retrieve your ball during putting practice, just let RoboCup pop the ball right back to you; Its rapid return saves you time and ~ more importantly ~ spares you damaging wear and tear on your backs. More fun, less pain!

RoboCup, winner of “Best New Product” at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, is the only ball return device designed to work on every practice green. It runs on 4 AA batteries and will return the ball up to 14 feet, depending on green speed. A set of batteries lasts for 15,000 putt returns. Combine it with the RoboCup Caddy Cord, and even missed putts shoot back to you.

“We’ve engineered a product/solution that gives golfers a break on their back,” says Keith Foley, inventor of RoboCup and co-founder of Fine Tune Golf. “Instead of reaching down to grab their golf ball from the cup, and straining their back, we’re essentially giving them their own personal putting caddy,” adds Foley, who is also known for his well-engineered G-Clip and Line’M Up creations. Anticipating the popularity of RoboCup, Foley envisions “…RoboCup becoming a household name within the sport of golf and outside of golf,” making Fine Tune Golf one of the most respected brands within the golf industry.

The RoboCup (which even offers a printable surface area ideal for tournaments, marketing, and personalized gifting) is available (with Caddy Cord) at

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