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Men Can Look Ten Pounds Thinner without Exercise in the New Year

Designer of Offers Tips for Dressing Right to Look Ten Pounds Lighter for Only $15
By Dave Smith

How a man dresses can have a huge impact on the appearance of his weight. With winter and New Year’s weight loss it at the top of everyone’s mind, Greg Shugar, lead designer of, the largest private label brand of neckties on the internet, known for their $15, 100% hand woven silk ties, is offering tips for how men can dress to shed pounds.

“Men are always looking for shortcuts on how to look slimmer without having to diet,” says Shugar. “It’s all about fit and proportion.”

Shugar offers tips for dressing right to look ten pounds lighter:

* Wear fitting but not tight clothing. Your clothing should have enough room to fall/drape but should not be baggy.
* Avoid bold patterns in ties and shirts as they will draw attention to your upper and mid section. Choose more muted or solid colors or simple patterns.
* Dress proportionate to your body type. For example:
* Don’t wear lapels on your suit that are too narrow for your body type but don’t wear ones that are too wide.
* If you are thin or short, wear skinny ties.
* If you are heavier wear longer ties with a wider width. Skinny ties will only make heavy men look heavier.
* Heavier men should stay away from bowties as they draw attention to their chins.
* The V neck cut on shirts, vests or sweaters give the appearance of a slimmer neckline and longer torso. Avoid turtlenecks as they cause the neck to disappear completely.
* A three button blazer will elongate and slim your frame.
* Wear wide shirt collars for regular ties and narrower collars for skinny ties.
* Wear a belt to draw in at your waist.
* Avoid horizontal and diagonal stripes in ties, suits and shirts as they will widen and shorten your frame.
* Stand up straight.
* Keep shirt tucked in.
* Keep jacket buttoned while standing to keep the gut hidden.
* Empty your pockets – bulging pockets add to hip size and can give the appearance of a pear-shape.

Shugar created The Tie Bar so that men could update their wardrobe with new styles and trends without it costing them an arm and a leg. The Tie Bar offers 100 percent silk ties of department store quality for just $15 each. For more information go to,

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