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Men’s Upscale Dressing Made Easy

By Emily Kopec

Your style is your signature. It tells the world who you are and how you live your life.

Say hello to J. Hilburn, an affordable, custom-tailored apparel company and firm believer in this philosophy. Gentlemen, admit it. You’ve been through this scenario more than a few times before: you’re going someplace where you want to dress to impress, but as you eyeball your tired dress shirts it’s quickly becomes clear that nothing’s going to hit a homerun. After some unsuccessful shuffling and try-ons, you’re left with the million-dollar question usually reserved for your female counterparts: What am I going to wear?

J. Hilburn solves this and other dilemmas standing between your looking just okay and having that certain distinguished appearance. If you’re ready to up the outfit ante and take control of how you come off to others, it’s time you get to know this up and coming company that offers personal tailoring, now serving Worcester.

J. Hilburn Style Adviser Marianna Clark explains, “We have about 250 fabrics in our collection for you to choose from, and about 60% of our collection consists of conservative colors and fabrics to try to appeal to the masses. We have more subtle patterns with many whites and blues to choose from.”  These are not your average shirts found in average stores, but rather high-end apparel typically exclusive to bank-breaking specialty shops.

On top of a great shirt, J. Hilburn also is offers a great polo, trouser and sweater. “Our polos are crafted from hand-harvested Peruvian Pima cotton prized around the world for its long, durable yarns,” says Marianna. “Our trouser comes in 4 different fabrics with a custom waist, fit style and an unfinished hem. Our sweaters come in cashmere and a luxury blend without the luxury price tag.”

If you’re man enough to fess up that you’re not really in the know about what style or size to get, J. Hilburn will connect you to your very own Personal Style Advisor (such as Marianna) who’ll meet you at the location of your choice. He or she will properly measure you and provide expert advice based on your needs and the look you hope to achieve. Additionally, you’ll also be able to choose your own style options so you’re in complete control of how your shirt will look. Will that be a square cut pocket or a miter cut pocket? A spread collar or a cutaway collar? This is the full personal tailoring experience.

Next, your measurements and selections are sent to J. Hilburn’s specialty tailor and the creation of what will soon be your new favorite shirt begins. The garment is meticulously crafted to your specifications and will arrive a few weeks later. When you slip on your new stylish, perfectly fitting, shirt, you’ll wonder how you ever shopped for shirts any other way.

With all the high-quality features and personal options J. Hilburn provides, one would expect to pay an arm and a leg. Not so. The fabrics are sourced directly from Italy’s Tessitura Monti S.p.A., where state-of-the-art technology is used to ensure the highest standard of quality. This exciting relationship allows you to be part of the world of lavish, custom-tailored apparel ~ Finally, right where you belong!

To get started on your own pampered shirt journey, go to www.jhiburn.com or contact Marianna directly at marianna.clark@jhilburn.com.

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