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Make your kitchen a work of art

It’s now possible to put just about whatever you want on your kitchen cabinets.

From art to stripes to photos ~ you can have it on your cabinets with Custom Cupboards’ new Facets line.

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Custom Cupboards uses a proprietary process to digitally print designs and artwork directly on cabinet doors, drawer fronts, solid stock and paneling opening the door to dramatic, custom designs.

The Facets line can range from fashion-like plaids and stripes to intricate flower patterns or other flowing designs. Families can even submit photos, children’s artwork and more and have them digitally imprinted right on the cabinet woodwork surfaces. The Facets applications aren’t wallpaper-like coverings; the designs are digitally transferred directly on the grain of the wood, allowing for a much deeper, richer and more aesthetic look and feel. Custom Cupboards also developed a process for integrating the design into cabinet doors, bead-board panels, flat panels and pieces of solid stock. The Facets line is available in Maple, Cherry and Alder.

The idea for the Facets line came to life after collaboration between Custom Cupboards and interior design exper,t Roger Hazard, who’s been implementing the regular line of Custom Cupboards cabinets into many of his interior design projects. Hazard’s idea was to bring creative patterns (plaids, stripes) into the kitchen cabinet market, but at the time, there was no real way to make it happen. The team at Custom Cupboards came up with some sketches and designs and applied a unique technology application that it had been working with. The idea took off and expanded quickly to encompass a variety of options from artwork to photography.

“This now opens doors to entirely new kitchen designs,” Hazard said. “I can now use Facets to inject new energy and personality into homes. Facets enables my clients to get the functional storage space they need while still expressing themselves artistically.”

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