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Make your home smarter

With all of the technology available today, there’s no reason you can’t have a “smart” home. Check out these products to make your home smarter — and your life easier!

Nuni Tortilla Toaster
Want to step up your taco game? If so, join the Nuni revolution and never flip tortillas again! Be a taco hero with an innovative product that heats up six tortillas at once, so hungry mouths don’t have to wait for the one-at-a-time pan method. Say goodbye to soggy tortillas from the microwave and warm up an authentic feast any day of the week with Nuni!

CleverMade’s SnapBasket
Learn how you can help save space in your home – or car – with the practical, durable CleverMade’s SnapBasket! With a versatile family of sturdy, collapsible products, SnapBaskets provide a brilliant solution for those in need of reusable grocery bags, a collapsible cooler, collapsible laundry basket and hundreds of other uses! Simply snap open and load up the SnapBasket for easy toting around the house!

Sound Oasis
Upgrade your outdated radio to the Sound Oasis Stereo Bluetooth Sound Machine and Speaker. This high-quality aluminum construction ensures a durable experience that will last for many years. Super bass stereo sound from the dual speaker and subwoofer system creates a life-like reproduction of music and sounds. The flexibility of this sound machine allows you to play high-quality, built-in sounds or stream music via Bluetooth-enabled devices.

PIQS Projector by Butterfly Technology
This ultimate, portable big-screen projector features breakthrough technology in a sleek, stylish modern design. The PIQS Virtual Touch Projector includes the world’s first patented virtual-touch remote, a revolutionary remote control allowing users to interact with the screen from 10-20 feet away, avoiding the common touch screen in which your body will block the audience view and cast a shadow on screen. The projector’s compact size means it’s small enough to be carried from your boardroom for presentations to your home for watching movies with the family.

U Brands
Decorate your home with the fashionable, yet affordable, collections from U Brands. With everything from stationery to office tools and home goods, this new, innovative company delivers creative designs with great quality and value – U Brands even won 2016 National Stationery Show New York Best New Product! Stay chic and upgrade your home in style without breaking the bank.

Allow the vibrations from Dreampad to ease you to sleep. The Dreampad is the tech-based solution to getting quality snooze time and drifting off to sleep quickly! Each Dreampad pillow comes with a free Dreampad music app that features eight different soundscape options, as well as the ability to program one’s own music. It also includes a timer, alarm and listening settings. Available in Memory, Medium, Firm and Slim (Travel).

Stop using two blankets to cover your shoulders and your feet. PediPocket is the game-changing blanket that makes sure you’re covered from head to toe! PediPocket’s genius comes from a special 20-inch pocket that cleverly envelopes your feet and calves, keeping all of you warm and toasty. It’s nearly 6-feet long, more than long enough to cover any person, from the smallest to the tallest. And PediPocket is made with velvety fleece that’s so cozy, you may never want to get off that couch.

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