Magazine Locations

City                              Location                                                      Approximate Address

Auburn Auburn Package Store 196 Auburn St
Auburn Library Auburn St
Auburn Giovanni’s Bakery Auburn St
Auburn Hadwen Park Market Southbridge st
Auburn Shaws 368 Southbridge St
Auburn BP Southbridge st
Brookfield Carmella’s Route 9
Clinton Coffee House High St
Clinton Library 54 Waulnut St.
Clinton Shaws RT 70
Dudley Eighty Ates Airport Rd
Dudley Happy Garden SouthBridge rd
Dudley Park and Shop Airport Rd
Fitchburg Ledgends Airport Rd
Fitchburg Center Pizza 118 River St
Fitchburg Senior Center Wallace St
Fitchburg Espresso’s Pizza Main Street
Fitchburg Fitchburg Public Library 610 Main St
Fitchburg Health Alliance – ER Nichols Rd
Fitchburg Health Alliance – Main Nichols Rd
Fitchburg Jay’s Liquors River Street
Fitchburg Peerless Liquors 548 John Fitch Hwy
Fitchburg Slattery’s Lunenburg Street
Fitchburg YMCA 55 Wallace St
Fitchburg The Grill Parkhill plaza Parkhill Plaza
Fitchburg Wachusett Liquors 309 Summer St
Fitchburg West Fitchburg Rest River Street
Fitchburg Wyman Liquors Parkhill Plaza
Framingham Framingham Public Lib 10 Nichols Rd
Gardner Library 55 W. Lynde Str
Gardner Fruit and Java 34 E. Broadway
Gardner Price Chopper 560 Main St
Gardner Williams Tavern 184 Pearson Blvd
Gardner City Music Main St
Grafton Post Office Pub Worcester Rd
Grafton MBTA station Pine St
Grafton 5 Star Liquors Endicott St
Holden Holden Pizza 597 Main St
Holden Sandwich Company Main St
Holden Holden Discount Liquors 673 South Main St
Holden Donut Kitchen 605 Main St
Holden Minkuley Liquors 624 Main St
Hudson Hannaford’s Town Ctr Plaza
Leicester Leicester Package Store 869 Main St
Leicester Leicester House of Pizza 1072 Main St
Leominster Cornerstone Central St
Leominster Hannaford Twin City Plaza
Leominster Dippin Donuts Central St
Leominster Searstown Liquors 57 Sack Blvd
Leominster Dippin Donuts 54 Main st
Leominster Market Basket 71 Sack Blvd
Leominster Coin Op Laundry Central St
Leominster Athen’s Pizza Central St
Leominster Athen’s Pizza 568 Main St
Leominster Dantini Liquors 920 Central St
Leominster Leominster Public Library (front) West st
Leominster Leominster Public Library (rear) Eest st
Leominster Senior Center 215 Hamilton St
Leominster Ramsey Rehab 39 cinema Blvd
Leominster Brooks Pond Estates Brooks Pond Rd
Leominster Hannaford’s RT 117
Leominster Weathervane Main St
Leominster North End Diner Nashua St
Leominster Paupaus Pizza 285 Central St
Leominster Shaws Shaws Plaza
Leominster Health Alliance-ER
Leominster Health Alliance- Main
Leominster Health Alliance-D enterance
Leominster Wymans 30 Pleasant St
Leominster Wymans 782 N. Main St
Leominster The Claw Shop 1123 Central St
Leominster City Music 17 Sack Blvd
Leominster Fallon Clinic Mill St
Lunenburg Fallon Clinoc Lunenburg St
Lunenburg Hey Good Lookin Spa Lunenburg St
Lunenburg Sean Patricks 494 Electric Ave
Marlboro Library Main st
Milford Turtle Tavern 72 Main St
Millbury Library Elm St
Millbury LENNY’S Liquors 140 Worcester Turnpike
Northboro Borough’s YMCA Valente Dr
Oxford Community Center Main St
Oxford Whistle Stop Main St
Oxford Le Nails Main St
Oxford Oxford Casual Dining Main St
Oxford Oxford Public Library Main St
Paxton Paxton Market 707 Pleasant St
Shirley Library RT 2A
Shirley M&M Convenience Main St
Shrewsbury Austin Liquors 50 Boston Turnpike Rd
Shrewsbury Center Café 574 Main St
Shrewsbury Library 609 Main Street Rte 140
Shrewsbury Shaw’s 50 Boston Turnpike Rd
Southbridge Big Bunny Market 942 Main St
Southbridge Library Main St
Southbridge Mill Street Brews Mill St
Spencer Klems 119 West Main St
Sterling Café Bagel
Sterling Appletown Market 5 Main St
Sterling Library 4 Meetinghouse Rd
Sutton Tony’s Pizza Route 146
Sturbridge Chamber of Commerce Main St
Sturbridge Shaw’s Main St
Sturbridge Wright’s Outlets 559 Main St
Sturbridge Savers Bank Main St
Princenton Kwik Stop Convenience 106 Main St
Webster Michaels’s Italian Kitchen West Main St
Webster Nimmuck Liquors Thompson Rd
Webster Webste Weights 2 Tracy Court
West Boylston J&J News 354 West Boylston St
West Boylston The Manor 355 West Boylston St
West Boylston West Boylston Cinemas 135 West Boylston St
Westboro Reliat Medical 106 E Main St
Westboro Julio’s Liquors 140 Turnpike Rd
Westboro Library 55 W. Main St
Westboro Tatnuck Bookseller 18 Lyman St
Westboro Umass Medical 154 East Main St
Westminster Dunkin Donuts 12 Village Square
Westminster McNally’s Pub & Grille 88 Sargent Rd
Westminster The Angler Fish Market 1 Village Square
Worcester Sunny Farms Burncoat St
Worcester La Patisserie Commerical St
Worcester Midtown Mall Front St
Worcester Reliant Medical Gold Star Blvd
Worcester Wholly Canoli Grafton St
Worcester Tweeds Grove St
Worcester Charter Communications Higgins St
Worcester Umass Memorial – Hannamenn Lincoln St
Worcester Highrise 600 Main St
Worcester Reliat Medical Plantation St
Worcester Family Health Ctr Queen St
Worcester Worcester Art Museum Salisbury St
Worcester In House Coffee Shrewsbury St
Worcester Long Island Restaurant Stafford St / Webster Sq Plaza
Worcester McGovern’s Package Store West Boyslton St
Worcester Bernie’s Café
Worcester Culpepper’s Bakery Cambridge St
Worcester Donut Café II Chandler St
Worcester Living Earth Chandler St
Worcester Elsa’s Bushel & Peck Chandler St
Worcester Elsa’s Deli East Mountain St
Worcester Bahnan’s Pleasant St
Worcester Gerado’s Pleasant St
Worcester Austin Liquors Gold Star Blvd
Worcester H&B Liquors Grafton St
Worcester Magtag Laundry Grafton St
Worcester Relax Nails Grafton St
Worcester Price Chopper Grafton St
Worcester Price Chopper Park Ave
Worcester Shaw’s Grove St
Worcester The Bean Counter Highland St
Worcester The Sahara Highland St
Worcester Shaw’s James St
Worcester Stafford Liquors James St
Worcester UMass Hospital Cafeteria Lake Ave (Main hospital entrance)
Worcester Moynahan’s Main St
Worcester Spoodles Deli Main St
Worcester Tony’s News Main St
Worcester Pleasant St Market Pleasant St
Worcester CityHall Main St
Worcester El Basha Park Ave
Worcester Coffee Xpress Pleasant St
Worcester Worcester Public Library Salem St
Worcester Jewish Community Center Salisbury St
Worcester Mirenda Bread Shrewsbury St
Worcester Picilo’s Shrewsbury St
Worcester Baystate Bakery Water St
Worcester Widoff’s Bakery Water St
Worcester Hadwen Park Market Webster St
Worcester Webster House Webster St
Worcester Greendale Library West Boylston St
Worcester O’Connor’s Restaurant West Boylston St
Worcester Pagio Inc Winter St
Worcester St. Vincents – ER Worcester Ctr Blvd
Worcester Seven Hills West Boylston St
Worcester Park Grill Park Ave
Worcester Price Chopper Park Ave
Worcester Tweeds Grove St
Worcester NuCafe Chandler St
Worcester St V Main MLK Blvd
Worcester Denholm Building Main St
Worcester YMCA Main St
Worcester Bio Tech Park 1 (red cross) Plantation St
Worcester Bio Tech Park 2 Plantation St
Worcester YWCA Library Way
Worcester Senior Center 128 Providence
Worcester The Willows Barry Rd
Worcester Shell Gas Station Lincoln St
Worcester Honey Farms West Boylson St
Worcester Nancy Chang’s Chandler St
Worcester Day Nite Superstore Greenwood St
Worcester Rotmans Southbridge St
Worcester Hanover Insurance – hallway Lincoln St
Worcester Webster House Webster St
Worcester M & M Market Lincoln St
Worcester Yo Mon Park St
Worcester Millbury Street Liquors Millbury St
Worcester In House Coffee Shrewsbury St
Worcester Crowley Package Store Chandler St
Worcester Santiago’s Liqours Main St

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