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LooftLighter Fires up Barbeque Season for the Summer

New tool ignites charcoal and wood in under a minute without matches or lighter fluid

By Rick Garner

Just in time for the summer barbeque season, Looftlighter®, a brand new fire starter from Sweden, announces the U.S. arrival of the cleanest, quickest, safest, and easiest way to light your grills, smokers and fire pits.

looftlighter-copyLooftlighter®, is a metal tube punctuated with holes to allow airflow surrounding an interior heating unit. This unique gadget might resemble and sound like an innocuous hairdryer on steroids, but merely touch the tip of a Looftlighter® to wood or coals for 15 seconds, withdraw it about six inches to allow warm air to blow onto the glowing embers and within a minute a crackling fire will appear.

The patented hot airstream firing process eliminates the need for lighter fluids, along with their lingering odors and unwanted aftertastes, making your fire safer for the environment and your food better for you and your family. The Looftlighter® fire starter can be used to light any wood or charcoal-burning fire without matches, all you need is a wall socket to plug in the device or a compatible car outlet.

The Looftlighter® doesn’t throw flames, it has an automatic switch-off when the ON button is released, and its new-tech metal casing cools to the touch seconds after use ~ making it the perfect tool for families and all grilling fanatics.

Purchase your Looftlighter online at or by calling toll free (877) LOOFT-60!

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