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Lip Smacking Food For Your Pup!

By Kristie Bartlett

There is almost nothing dogs love more than a good lick of peanut butter. Unless it’s a freshly baked Puppy Cake, that is ~ and Puppy Cake is excited to announce the release of their peanut butter flavored cake mix, a decadent dessert made specifically for dogs!

In today’s society, more and more owners are pampering their pets as much as they pamper their human children and grandchildren. There are a growing number of doggy “barkeries” popping up across the nation, but these can be expensive and owners don’t know what really goes into the food their beloved pets are eating. Puppy Cake saw their way into the exciting market of dog goods and took off running.  home-pets-sweets-for-you-d-copy

Puppy Cake is an inexpensive and delicious alternative that’s fun to make! The cake mixes are especially appealing to the amateur chef. Just combine the dry mix with an egg, vegetable oil, and water ~ almost all of the same ingredients that “people” cake mixes use! Each box is composed of human grade, natural whole wheat flour, honey powder, salt, baking powder, and powder flavorings. And what cake would be complete without frosting? Their mix is a yogurt frosting that has digestive and immune system boosting qualities. It’s safe enough for human consumption, and the creators often taste test it themselves (though that’s not what it’s made for and isn’t recommended).

Dogs have a sweet tooth too, and pups can’t resist the enticing flavors of Puppy Cakes (but remember to always feed in moderation). Peanut Butter is the third flavor to join the Puppy Cakes line of sweet treats. They also have Fifi’s Favorite Carob and Buddy’s Best Banana flavors. Fifi’s emits the sweet scent and flavor of chocolate without the dire consequences of real chocolate, while Buddy’s tantalizes with yummy banana. Your pups will be licking their chops and staring at the oven with that irresistible “Oh please, it’s sooooo good” look before too long.

And by purchasing Puppy Cakes for your pup, you won’t just be making him or her happy. Since 2007, when Kelly Chaney created the company, customers’ purchases have allowed her to help canines throughout the US: Puppy Cake donates a portion of its profits to animal rescue organizations to help make dogs’ lives better.

For more information and to order something for the canine member of your household, please visit

Pictured: Puppy Cake Mix.

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